Pest Proofing Your Home

As the temperature cools and we move our activities indoors, those bothersome pests try to do the same. The end of summer is the best time to safeguard your home against fall pests, such as ladybugs, cluster flies, stink bugs, boxelder bugs, silverfish, spiders, centipedes, and rodents. Keep reading for some tips you, the homeowner, […]

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5 Fall Pest Prevention Tips

While “pest proofing” your home is not an attainable goal, these 5 fall pest prevention tips from professionals at Palmetto Exterminators that will help keep unwanted pest out of your home.

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55 Years Protecting Health and Property

In 1960, Mr. Pierce started a small pest control business in the quaint South Carolina town of Walterboro.  55 Years and a change in ownership later, Palmetto Exterminators has grown to the 52nd largest pest management firm in the nation.  How did we get to where we are and where do we go next?

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Bed Bug Awareness

If you are heading out on the open road for the family vacation or sending your child to camp this summer, bed bug awareness should be high on the priority list.  Today kicks off National Bed Bug Awareness Week, so Palmetto Exterminators have some helpful tips to promote bed bug pest control. Why the sudden […]

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5 DIY Pest Control Tips That Help Minimize Invading Pests

Enjoy your Spring and Summer with These DIY Pest Control tips. DIY Pest Control tips can help you  minimize the number of bugs and pests you encounter in and around your home.  Follow these tips and your Spring indoor and outdoor living is sure to become more livable. 1. Seal Gaps Pest management professionals, like those […]

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What is an Albino Roach?

The picture you see is not that of a white roach, rather it is a cockroach that has recently molted, the shedding of its exoskeleton, which makes the albino roach. Cockroaches undergo an incomplete metamorphosis, and therefore need to shed their protective exoskeletons in order to grow and mature.  Each time this exoskeleton is shed, the […]

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It’s home show season at Palmetto Exterminators

January not only ushers in a new year for Palmetto Exterminators, but it also begins the winter/spring home show season for the eight branches scattered throughout North and South Carolina.  We encourage customers and non customers to visit our booth at the following locations over the next several months. Charleston Home & Design Show   – […]

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Happy New Year from Palmetto Exterminators

As the Palmetto Exterminators family begin a new year and the 55th year in business, we would like to take the opportunity to say THANK  YOU.  It is because of you, the customer, that Palmetto Exterminators had an excellent 2014.  We look forward to serving you in the coming year. What can you expect this year […]

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What Our Employees Say:

You are part of a family here. Part of the bigger picture. The owners know you by name and genuinely care about you and yours. It's fast-paced and challenging, which keeps it interesting.

Brittany - Summerville, SC

What Our Customers Say:

We have had the enjoyment of our yard all times of the day thanks to your service! It’s been fantastic not having mosquitoes or flies attack us as we enjoy grilling out or having the kids play in the lawn, etc.

Gwen - Summerville, SC