Crawl Space Modifications

Have you considered adding crawl space modifications to your home due to less than ideal conditions or excessive moisture issues? There are a few things to consider before proceeding, such as, will it void your current termite contract.

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Termite Treatment

Always consult your current termite company before starting any work that will involve crawl space modifications.  For instance, if you plan on encapsulating the crawlspace, the piers and possibly more areas need to be treated due to the restrictions that come with installing heavy, tapped vapor barriers and wall insulation.

Inspection Gap

When installing a 10-mil or higher moisture barrier in the crawlspace modification and the barrier is to be sealed to the foundation, leave as much of the foundation wall exposed as possible (1 to 2 feet preferably) to allow inspection for termite activity on the foundation wall. Subterranean termites can build a foot long termite tube in just a day or two and the liner is basically a man made termite tube.  Areas such as the backside of a dirt filled porch, decks, fireplaces, and plumbing penetrations are considered “hot spots” in the termite industry.  These are more likely to see moisture intrusion and thus are conducive to termite activity. Therefore, it is recommended that a gap, or inspection window of at least 16 inches be placed in these areas.

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When repairing or installing new insulation, standard fiberglass batt insulation can be used as well as sprayed in, foam insulation. If using a spray foam method, be sure to use closed-cell foam insulation.  Closed cell insulation is resistant to moisture, has a higher R-Value per inch than standard batt insulation, and can add structure strength to the sub-floor system. Open cell foam is like a sponge and will hold water when exposed to moisture or condensation. This can cause wood destroying fungi to damage a sub-floor system very quickly if the crawlspace is not conditioned.


Install a dehumidifier designed specifically for crawlspaces or condition the air in the crawl space with an air supply from the living space or HVAC system. A dehumidifier that is not rated for crawl spaces can easily malfunction due to the load it would be required to carry.

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Palmetto Exterminators is here to help answer any questions you have regarding any crawl space modifications or termite treatments you may have.  Please contact your local branch for expert advise.

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