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Fall, Football, and Mosquitoes

With cooler temperatures over the past week it appears that Summer is giving way to Fall. Now is time to make sure the barbecue is operational, the yard is mowed, and your house is decorated to support your favorite college or pro football team.

Looks like you are all prepared, except for one thing.  Those buzzing biting pests are mosquitoes attacking you.  The last thing you want is to plan a great gathering for kick off or Labor Day only to be invaded by unwanted pests, mosquitoes.

Since it has been hot and humid all summer, your outdoor living area hasn’t been the oasis you planned for.  Palmetto Exterminators has the mosquito misting system and mosquito control solutions to take back your yard, and make your outdoors livable.

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 Are mosquitoes worse in the fall?

Late summer and early fall are the time frames that we receive the most calls about mosquitoes.   The main reason for more mosquitoes in the fall is you.  During the dry, high heat, dog days of summer very little time is spent in the yard grilling, playing catch with your kids, or even maintaining the exterior of your home.   Come fall however, the foliage is turning various shades of vibrant colors, the air is cooler, and you look to rest outside in the outdoor space you spent so much time in preparing.  Mosquitoes are pest of prey, and have adapted quite well to notice carbon dioxide, the air you expel.  So when you are out in the backyard preparing a feast for the family to enjoy, you are also alerting the nearby mosquitoes of their feast as well.

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 How can Palmetto Exterminators rescue the gathering from mosquitoes?

Now that your uninvited guests have arrived, how can Palmetto Exterminators help?  A mosquito barrier treatment can be performed on site to rid your yard or event of mosquitoes.  A Palmetto Exterminators technician will come out and perform a very thorough inspection of the property in order to know where the mosquito harborage areas are located.  Once all areas have been located, the highly trained technician will perform treatment to the foliage and yard. While paying special attention to the areas he finds to be breeding grounds for mosquitoes, our technician will also strategically place larvicides in special areas to avoid a new generation of mosquitoes from emerging.  Barrier services include a 30 day warranty and should be performed at least one to two days before your event.

Call your local Palmetto Exterminator branch today to begin feeling the difference of a mosquito free yard.

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