Palmetto Green

Palmetto Green

We are proud to offer our customers an effective green pest control program that meets the needs of those who want to minimize the use of traditional insecticides in an around the home.

Although our traditional Quarterly Pest Control Service has always been performed in an ecologically sound manner, the introduction of new green products and technologies has allowed us to develop two new Green Pest Control Programs – GreenPro and Green Hybrid.

Green Pro
GreenPro is a bi-monthly program that takes an innovated approach to pest control through an integrated, multi-step process combining preventing and monitoring techniques with the use of US EPA exempt products. These products are all natural, organic and biodegradable compounds.

We are one of the first pest control companies in the nation to offer a green service that has earned the prestigious designation of GreenPro, a program administered by the National Pest Management Association ( and endorsed by the Natural Resources Defense Council.

How Green Pro Works:

  • Establish a Partnership – Educate the customer so our technician and customer can work to problem solve together.
  • Inspect the Property – Identify pest problems or the potential for pest problems.
  • Educate and Inform – Work with the customer to eliminate harborage areas and utilize control methods.
  • Physically Remove – Spiders, webs, nests, and other pests with brushes and vacuums.
  • Spot Treat – Necessary areas with NPMA’s GreenPro approved products.

Green Hybrid
For the Environmentally conscious customer who needs more immediate results, our Green Hybrid combines the knowledge and expertise of more than 50 years providing traditional service with the eco-friendly awareness of our GreenPro Service. This quarterly service uses only natural, organic and biodegradable compounds combined with our Integrated Pest Management techniques.

How Green Hybrid Works:

  • Inspect the Property to identify pest problems or the potential for pest problems.
  • Educate and Inform the consumer on eliminating harborage areas and control methods.
  • Physically Remove spiders, webs, nests and other pests with brushes and vacuums.
  • Utilize natural, organic and biodegradable products.
  • Apply a traditional non-repellent pesticide to the exterior only, twice per year during spring and summer months when pests are most active.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our eco friendly pest control services.

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David was out today and I wanted to let you know he did an excellent job. Very thorough and knowledgeable. Took care of wasp problem, interior spraying and yard service. 

Ron & Suzan

Ron and Suzan - Mt. Pleasant

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