5 Common Fall Pests

Fall is here at last, bringing cooler temperatures, more outdoor activity, and unfortunately, more bugs. Certain pests become more active in the fall as the weather cools down. They are trying to escape the cold, but don’t let them get comfortable in your space! Here are the top 5 fall pests to look out for […]

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Palmetto Exterminators Talk About Love Bugs on News 2

It looks like Hurricane Dorian brought along more than just flash floods this year. If you’ve noticed an influx of Love Bugs flying around your home and car – you’re not alone as Bert Snyder told News 2, “This year we just kind of had the perfect storm, if you will, with the hurricane and […]

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What Our Employees Say:

Working with Palmetto has been amazing. It is a very family orientated company. I love getting to learn more about different pests and getting to challenge myself with new ideas.

Ashley - Greenville, SC

What Our Customers Say:

Charleston office is amazing! They have been providing high quality pest control services for our home for 13 years. Wouldn't consider any other company!

Julie - Charleston, SC