Refresher on Integrated Pest Management

As the weather gets nicer and spring pests emerge in droves, now is the perfect time to brush up on your integrated pest management (IPM) knowledge. IPM is the approach that the Palmetto Exterminators team takes to our pest control measures, and it’s the one that many pest professionals agree is best.

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Keeping Your Pets and Home Flea-Free

Most flea infestations start with your family pets. Cats and dogs are especially vulnerable to fleas during flea season in the warmer months. Addressing a flea problem in your home begins with making an impact at the source. Thoroughly check your pets for fleas after time outdoors and consider applying safe flea treatments.

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How to Identify a Termite

Termites can be some of the most damaging pests to your home. Without regular inspections, a termite infestation can go unchecked for years, resulting in long-term & expensive repairs. It may be beneficial for you to educate yourself on termite identification & pest management so that the next flying ant won’t send you into a frenzy.

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Pest Management During COVID-19

Many businesses in communities around the world have been forced to close their doors to help flatten the COVID-19 curve, leaving many workers to operate from the safety of their homes. As you and your loved ones spend more time at home in these unprecedented conditions, protecting your family and home from unwanted pests is more important than ever.

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Handling Snake Encounters at Home

As residents of the Carolinas, most of us are familiar with the heat, moisture, and humidity that comes along with the territory. These conditions also make our region ideal for many natural critters, including snakes, as they need moisture to survive.

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What Our Employees Say:

You are part of a family here. Part of the bigger picture. The owners know you by name and genuinely care about you and yours. It's fast-paced and challenging, which keeps it interesting.

Brittany - Summerville, SC

What Our Customers Say:

Just wanted to comment on the termite treatment performed at my home yesterday: The employees of Palmetto were very pleasant and went above and beyond to make sure all work was of top quality. Very pleased with the services of Palmetto and their employees.

Jan - Greenville, SC