Prepare your backyard for pest season


The days are longer. The nights are warmer. And the pests are bolder! Preparing your backyard now before pest season will help keep the buzzing at bay.

1. Remove standing water

Cockroaches, flies and mosquitoes love standing water for drinking and mating. Fill all holes in your yard with dirt. Pour off any water from your pool or spa cover. Push water out of your home’s gutters.

2. Store animal food in airtight containers

Be it for Duke the dog, Cindy the cat or Priscilla the pig, animal food should be stored in an airtight container and left outside. All types of pests, including rodents, love a free meal.

3. Check for exterior cracks

Pests are little Houdinis. They can squeeze, twist and contort their way through most cracks. Seal all cracks in your home’s foundation, window frames, plumbing pipes or doorways with caulk.

4. Remove excess mulch

Before freshening up your yard’s mulch for the year, remove some of the mulch from previous seasons. Decaying mulch and organic matter is a great place for earwigs, house centipedes and roaches to thrive.

5. Schedule quarterly pest control from Palmetto Exterminators

A visit every three months from Palmetto Exterminators will monitor the exterior of your home and use innovative, eco-friendly products to control pests if needed.

I would definitely recommend Palmetto Exterminators. They do great work at a very fair price. Brad was both professional and knowledgeable. Thank-you so much!!!

Elizabeth - Columbia, SC

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