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We have all probably dealt with this pesky insect at some point, so we know what an absolute nightmare they can be. Therefore, it’s important to understand how to identify lice and get rid of them to avoid long term problems. Adult lice grow to be anywhere from 2 to 4.2 mm long, meaning they are very small and difficult to spot. Lice are wingless, flat pests that can be white or gray in color.

Head lice can quickly transfer between people, especially from children at school or daycare. Body lice can be spread if you come in direct contact with someone already infected with lice. Typically, body lice live on bed sheets, clothing, towels, or other linens. Lice leads to irritation and itching and can sometimes cause sores and infections. Some signs that a person has lice include rashes, itching, red spots, and bug sightings in hair.

Lice reproduce differently depending on the species. Head lice, for example, attach eggs to a host’s hair using their saliva. This can be anywhere between 50 to 100 eggs, and will latch on to a person’s scalp. Body lice, on the other hand, can lay around 200 eggs and usually are placed on clothing. The life span for lice depends on temperature, humidity, and the presence of food. Head lice need warm temperatures with high humidity, and an easy source of blood to sustain themselves. Body lice don’t live in direct contact with humans as much as head lice, living on clothing seams instead. They still feed on humans for a food source, though.

To get rid of lice, try using a nit comb on the scalp for optimal results. For body lice, you’ll want to do a thorough body rinse and wash all linens and clothing in hot water.
For more information about lice, or professional help getting rid of them, reach out to our pest control experts!

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