While there are quite a few species of roaches in the region, there are two larger roaches that are common, the American cockroach and the smokybrown cockroach. So how do you tell them apart if you’re in the North Carolina or South Carolina region?

American Cockroach (Periplaneta americana) – The American cockroach, also known as the Palmetto Bug due to this insects nature to climb palmetto trees in the Low Country. While this bug cannot take flight, mature roaches that have developed wings and can glide through the air, thus this roach will climb trees and structures in order to gain access to roofs, attics, and chimneys to dwell. American cockroaches can grow up to an inch and a half and are reddish brown in color with a distinctive lined pattern on the top of its head.

Smokybrown Cockroach (Periplaneta fuliginosa) – The name itself aids in identifying this pest. This cockroach is a darker, not black, brown color. Unlike the longer slimmer American cockroach, the smokybrown roach is thicker and shorter.

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