New Construction Termite Treatments


Did We Treat Your Home While It Was Under Construction?

During the construction phase on your home, your builder had us apply a chemical treatment to the wood and/or soil for the prevention of subterranean termites, including the Formosan Subterranean Termite. This treatment insured that you would have a termite free home at the time of purchase.

With this treatment, your home was covered by a limited warranty which you have the option to renew annually. As part of your renewal, you receive a $250,000 repair and re-treatment warranty, an inspection performed annually and a copy of the detailed report. At the end of every seven to nine year cycle, your chemical barrier should be replenished. As long as you maintain your annual renewal warranty, we will perform these treatments, where needed, at no additional cost.

Why should you Choose Palmetto for your Termite Control needs?

  • Most Homeowner’s Insurance Policies do NOT cover Termite Damage.
  • Our Termite Agreements have always included coverage for Formosan Subterranean Termites.
  • Every 7 to 9 years we will perform a Complete Termite Booster Treatment at no additional cost, as long as you pay your Annual Renewal Fee
  • Lifetime Termite Coverage as long as you pay your Annual Renewal Fee and meet your obligations under your Agreement.
  • Annual Inspection Reports that include detailed descriptions of the inspection findings and include photographs of areas of your home to illustrate the findings.
  • Damage Repair Agreements include up to $250,000 coverage.
  • We are Termidor® Certified Professionals and Termidor® is the most effective termiticide on the market today.
  • Homes under agreement with us transfer with No Fees.

Why Do Builders/Contractors Choose Us For Their Termite Pretreatments?

  • We offer pretreatment programs that are innovative, effective and economical. We dare you to compare.
  • We lead the industry with over 30,000 treatments performed as of early 2006.
  • We utilize the best products on the market today: Bora-Care® and Termidor®.
  • We boast a reliable and friendly staff dedicated to our new construction business so that scheduling and documentation is no hassle.
  • Palmetto’s treatments are guaranteed to meet or exceed all applicable regulatory requirements. In addition, Palmetto treats the soil with Termidor® during annual inspections.
  • The Termite Agreement with Palmetto is automatically transferred to the new homeowner.
  • Palmetto Exterminators offers your customer the best termite protection plan in the Carolinas and Georgia, which includes damage repair agreements and automatic coverage for Formosan Termites.
  • Palmetto Exterminators is dedicated to assisting builders in any way possible.

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I just want to let you know how great Leslie is and how wonderful your service at my home has been. She does a great job and there has been no activity at our home since she took over the account.

John M. - Charleston, SC

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