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Say Buzz Off, to annoying mosquitoes, with our Mosquito Control treatments. For a limited time, get your first mosquito treatment for only $69.*

Protect Your Family

Don't Be A Mosquito's Next Meal


Eggs Laid By One Mosquito


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Bid Farewell To Bothersome Mosquitoes 
Special Offer: $69 First Service

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Our monthly Mosquito Barrier Treatments offer a cost-effective solution for killing and repelling mosquitoes and gnats.

From March through November, our licensed and trained specialists will perform mosquito control treatments approximately every four weeks using a mosquito fogger. These treatments include the application of larvicides to target mosquito breeding grounds.

What sets Palmetto Exterminators apart:

  • We practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM), an effective and environmentally sensitive approach to pest management.
  • We can customize a program to provide you with the best service and results.
  • We do not use mosquito traps, dunks, or DIY methods.
  • We target mosquitoes in all stages of life, larvae to adults, more effectively controlling populations.

Mosquito Protection For Just $69...Get Started Now

*Some exclusions may apply. Ask team member for details.