Pest Control Edisto Island, SC

Edisto Island

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Whether it’s your home away from home, year round residence or a rental property, no one likes to share their vacation with unwanted pests.  Spiders, “Palmetto Bugs,” and other cockroaches are the most common pest issues you might experience when enjoying your Edisto Island beach vacation.  Ants and rodents, such as rats and mice, also top the lists of issues we see on Edisto.  All of these pests, and more, are covered under our Quarterly Pest Control program.  In addition to these pests, yard services can also be performed as an add-on service.  Call our Walterboro office today for a free quote and experience a stress free, and pest free, vacation.

Termite Control Edisto Island, SC

Edisto not only has the perfect climate for a beach side vacation home, but it provides perfect climate for subterranean termites to thrive.  Subterranean termites prefer warm, humid environments, and without treatment and regular inspections they can go unnoticed for years.  To prevent termites from destroying your island getaway, Palmetto Exterminators will treat your home with the best termiticide on the market, Termidor.  Our training termite experts will then inspect your home every year to make sure your vacation home is termite free.  Palmetto Exterminators is the expert in termite protection in the Lowcountry.  Call us to schedule a free inspection and estimate today!

Mosquito Control Edisto Island, SC

Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your vacation; Palmetto Exterminators can ensure your beach house is mosquito free.  Mosquitoes and gnats can be a real nuisance on Edisto, due to the beaches, marshes, swamps and natural, wooded landscapes that make the island such an ideal getaway.  Palmetto Exterminators can provide monthly barrier treatments to keep those pesky mosquitoes and gnats from bothering you or your guests.  Palmetto also offers a the installation of mosquito misting systems that not only offer daily scheduled sprays around your home, but can also be triggered on demand for extra protection.  Call today for a free quote so you can get back to enjoying a mosquito free vacation.

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I’ve been with Palmetto for over 5 years now and this is by far the best company I have ever been a part of. All of our branches pull together to be a team and it feels like a family here.

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I have been very happy with my service. I really appreciate Carson, our serviceman. He is very friendly & always accommodating to where I want him to spray. He seems knowledgeable about his job. He is always on time as well. Thank you Carson & Palmetto! Great job!!!

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