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Crawl Space Solutions

Effective solutions for moisture control

*Only available in the Greenville area

Is Your Air Dirty?

Conventional ventilated crawl spaces allow moisture and "dirty" air to enter our homes. 

This air travels through the house, bringing odors and other contaminants. Crawl Space Encapsulation is a process of sealing and conditioning a home's crawl space to lower wood moisture content.

Excess moisture in crawl spaces can lead to a host of problems, including mold growth, structural damage, and compromised indoor air quality. Our specialized techniques and products effectively manage moisture levels, ensuring a healthier home.

A sealed crawl space is 15-18% more energy efficient than a ventilated crawl space!

Benefits of Encapsulation

Encapsulation creates a dry buffer between the dirt floor of the crawl space, its walls, and the floor above. Our Crawl Space Solutions effectively control and reduce moisture, offering many benefits to homeowners.

Lowers Energy Costs

Improves Indoor Air Quality

Less Attractive To Pests

Reduces Mold, Mildew & Wood Rot

Long-Term Cost Savings

Renewal Warranty

Crawlspace Encapsulation

Crawlspace moisture can not only be destructive to property but has been proven to negatively impact our health. Sealing your crawlspace provides better air quality and relief to your HVAC system. A properly sealed crawlspace is 15-18% more energy efficient than a ventilated crawl space. Dry crawl spaces are less attractive to pests.

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Vapor Barrier & Wrapping Foundation Piers

We'll set up a woven vapor barrier, ensuring it overlaps and seal all seams with tape. Then we'll wrap foundation piers with wall liner and seal the top with spray foam.

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Exterior Wall Insulation

We will insulate the exterior foundation wall with Nisus Bora-Foam (R10) or a wall blanket (12) and sealed at the top with spray foam. The exterior band will be insulated with Batt insulation (R19).

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Installation of Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier, sized appropriately, will be placed in the crawlspace. The condensation will be drained away from the home and the homeowner will be provided a remote monitor to track temperature and relative humidity.

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Annual Inspection

We offer an annual inspection that includes filter replacements, minor repairs, and moisture readings of the crawl space wood to ensure optimal air quality for your family and home.

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What Our Customers Say:

Ed has been wonderful to work with. He is very knowledgeable and a true gentleman.

- Jeanne - Charleston, SC

Charleston office is amazing! They have been providing high quality pest control services for our home for 13 years. Wouldn't consider any other company!

- Julie - Charleston, SC

They are great. Ed is awesome! He always does a thorough job.

- Rick - Charleston, SC

Palmetto Exterminators has always met the needs of our home. They are always on time, willing to work with what we need, and so kind. I love that I get to talk to a person when scheduling appointments and not just a robot. They are always so positive.

- Tara S. - Columbia,SC

Excellent service- always on time, very friendly and knowledgeable.

- Barbara - West Columbia, SC

I have used Palmetto now for 4 or 5 years for termite and later expanded to mosquito treatment. They have done an excellent job for me. I find the personnel very professional, I like their uniforms, makes me feel safe when they come to the house, they inform us before they start the work (to protect the pets) and when they are done. Thank you.

- Jeevan - Charlotte, NC

Customer for 10 + years. Just wanted to let Jason's supervisor know what a wonderful job he does at my home. I had Bradley for years and didn't think he could be surpassed. I was wrong! Haven''t seen a live roach since Jason has taken over Bradley''s service area. Jason's thorough and the results are proof of a job consistently well done.

- Maggie - Mount Pleasant, SC