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Special Services For Special Pests

Specialized treatments for nuisance pests

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Sometimes A Different
Is Needed

Some pests need special attention and customized treatments.

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Bed Bugs

"Good night, sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite."

You may have heard the familiar rhyme countless times; but the truth is, these elusive pests are more common than you might realize, feeding on both humans and pets.

Bed bug bites can lead to allergic reactions, skin irritation, and itching. Even worse, prolonged exposure to bed bugs and their bites can result in sleep disturbances and insomnia, impacting overall well-being.

With their rapid reproduction and tiny size, bed bugs can easily infest your home. If you suspect a bed bug issue, it's crucial to contact a professional pest control company promptly so you can have comfort again in your home.

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Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are destructive and can wreak havoc on your peaceful living.

Tunneling through wood, carpenter ants can cause structural damage that compromises the integrity of your property. These pests are destructive and challenging to eradicate without proper expertise.

You may have a carpenter ant issue if you see sawdust-like shavings around the house. The shavings are clues that ants may be munching through your walls, floors, and ceilings. Other signs include finding fragments of insulation around the house or outside, or finding insect body parts in the house.

Our carpenter ant service includes a thorough inspection, targeted treatments, and ongoing prevention strategies tailored to your pest needs.

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Carpenter Bees

These boring bees can cause structural wood damage.

Carpenter bees may seem harmless, but they can cause significant structural damage over time. These solitary insects bore into wood to create their nests, causing weakness and decay in wooden structures like decks, eaves, and fences. While DIY methods might provide temporary relief, effective, long-term control requires the expertise of a professional pest control service.

Don't let carpenter bees wreak havoc on your home. Contact Palmetto Exterminators today for reliable carpenter bee solutions.

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Fire Ants

Beware of the fire ant beds in the yard.

Fire ants are aggressive in nature, and their painful stings can result in discomfort, allergic reactions, and even medical emergencies. Attempting to eradicate fire ant colonies without professional assistance can be challenging and ineffective.

Our knowledgeable Service Professionals will focus on effectively eliminating fire ant colonies from your property.

Don't let fire ants disrupt your peace of mind - trust our professional pest control team to keep your family and pets safe.

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Fleas can quickly become a nuisance in both your yard and home.

Fleas can quickly become a nuisance in both your yard and home, infesting your outdoor spaces and finding their way indoors on pets or clothing. These tiny pests multiply rapidly, making them difficult to control with DIY methods alone.

Treating for fleas typically involves a multifaceted approach that targets both the adult fleas and their eggs, larvae, and pupae. Effective flea control requires a combination of indoor treatments, outdoor treatments, pet treatments, and ongoing, professional pest control.

Our Flea Service also includes follow-up and recommendations for preventative control.

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German Cockroaches

Evicting unwanted pests since 1960.

These small, resilient insects can quickly infest areas. Attempting to eradicate them without professional assistance often proves challenging due to their rapid reproduction and ability to hide in hard-to-reach places.

The treatment process for German cockroach infestations typically involves several key steps, including inspection, treatment plan, application, follow-up, and prevention.

By following this comprehensive treatment process, professional pest control services from Palmetto can effectively eliminate German cockroach infestations and help ensure a pest-free environment for your home.

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Pantry Pests

Pest-proof your pantry with Palmetto Exterminators.

Pantry pests can be a nuisance in any home, infiltrating stored food products and causing contamination. Common pantry pests include beetles, moths, weevils, and ants, which can infest grains, cereals, flour, and other pantry staples. These pests not only compromise the quality of food but also pose health risks to inhabitants.

Protect your pantry and your family's health by reaching out to Palmetto Exterminators today.

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Safeguarding homes and families from tick threats.

Ticks pose a significant threat to both humans and pets, as they can transmit various diseases, including Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. If tick populations are not controlled, they can multiply and spread, leading to an infestation around your home and property. This can pose ongoing health risks to your family and pets, and make outdoor activities less enjoyable.

To effectively address a tick problem around your home, it's crucial to implement tick control measures. This includes maintaining your lawn regularly - grass mowed short, removing leaves, trimming overgrown vegetation, and hiring Palmetto Exterminators to help control populations.

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Yellow Jackets

Keep your outdoors fun and sting-free.

An invasion of yellow jackets can disrupt outdoor activities like gardening, picnics, or barbecues, as these aggressive insects often cause frequent stings and disturbances. Furthermore, if they establish nests near buildings, they pose a risk of property damage. Yellow jackets are capable of chewing through wood, insulation, and various materials to construct their nests, potentially resulting in structural damage.

Don't let Yellowjacket take over your outdoors - trust our professional pest control team to keep your family and pets safe.

Bed Bug Treatment Process

Treatment of bed bugs cannot be done with pesticides alone. Our treatment process requires the full cooperation of our customers.
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Preparation For Treatment

A preparation checklist will be provided to the homeowner. Steps include:
    • Wash all clothing, linens, and similar items
    • Take down items hanging on walls and seal up personal belongings
    • Vacuum thoroughly
    • Moving all furniture at least 18" from the walls
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Initial Treatment

On the day of treatment, all pets and people should vacate the area being treated for bed bugs. After we perform our treatment, residents should not enter the treated areas for at least four hours or until all applied products have dried.
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Contractor Repairs 

In some cases, bed bugs can cause more than just discomfort; they may also lead to damage such as holes in floors and walls, as well as peeling paint. If this occurs, it is recommended that repairs be conducted by a contractor within a week of the initial treatment.

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Follow-up Inspections and Treatment

A follow-up inspection and treatment (if necessary) will be performed two weeks after the initial treatment. During this time, all stored items should remain stored per the recommendation list and instructions given by Palmetto specialists.
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Final Inspection And Closeout

Additional treatments will be scheduled if necessary.

If you suspect you have bed bugs, contact the experts at Palmetto. Then, you can rest easy knowing bed bugs aren't a concern.

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