Pest Control Lexington, SC


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Opened in 2003, the Columbia, SC office of Palmetto Exterminators brought our superior pest control services to the Midlands.  Typical pests found in the Lexington area include multiple types of ants, centipedes, spiders, and smoky brown roaches.  Bed bugs have also been a growing concern in the area. We also provide add-on services that can take care of any additional pest issues you might have, like fleas, ticks and fire ants.  Call our Columbia office for an estimate for a pest free home today.

Termite Control Lexington, SC

Termites are common throughout the Midlands and especially in the Lexington area.  They do not discriminate based on your home’s construction.  Termites can find their way into small cracks in slabs, basements, bricks and crawlspaces to find their preferred food source, the wood your home is built with.  Without treatment and regular inspections, termite infestations might go unnoticed for years .  Don’t let termites destroy your biggest investment, call the termite experts at Palmetto Exterminators, and we will make sure your home is protected.  Our certified termite professionals will treat your home for the prevention of termites, provide a lifetime warranty against any damage that might occur, and inspect every year as long as your annual renewal is paid.  Our initial inspection and estimates are free, with no obligation. If you are in the Lexington area, call our Columbia office today to take the first step in protecting your home.

Mosquito Control Lexington, SC

Backyard barbecues, pool parties, and lake living are all synonymous with life in Lexington, SC.  Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your outside activities; call Palmetto Exterminators to make your outdoors livable.  We can provide barrier treatments for special events such as barbecues, weddings, and parties or if you’re looking for a mosquito free yard all summer long, we offer a monthly barrier treatment service that can’t be beat.  Our monthly barrier treatments are guaranteed to give you a mosquito free yard or our technicians will retreat at no additional cost.  If you are looking for a more permanent solution around your pool our outdoor kitchen, a mosquito misting system might be right for you.   Call our Columbia office for a free, no obligation estimate so you can start enjoying a mosquito free yard today.

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What Our Employees Say:

You are part of a family here. Part of the bigger picture. The owners know you by name and genuinely care about you and yours. It's fast-paced and challenging, which keeps it interesting.

Brittany - Summerville, SC

What Our Customers Say:

We have had the enjoyment of our yard all times of the day thanks to your service! It’s been fantastic not having mosquitoes or flies attack us as we enjoy grilling out or having the kids play in the lawn, etc.

Gwen - Summerville, SC