Pest Control Mt. Pleasant, SC

Cooper River Bridge, Mt. Pleasant, SC

Photo by Gina Moskowitz

Mt. Pleasant, like most coastal towns, provides the warm, humid environments that insects thrive in.  Palmetto Bugs, ants, wasps, earwigs and spiders are all common insects that you are likely to contend with.  Palmetto Exterminators provides superior pest control services to Mt. Pleasant and the surrounding area out of our West Ashley office. In addition to routine quarterly pest control service , our dedicated technicians also perform yard treatments as an add-on service to prevent ants, fleas and ticks in your yard.  Quality pest control is just a phone call away.  Call or click today for a free quote, and experience the difference with Palmetto Exterminators’ quarterly pest control.

Termite Control Mt. Pleasant, SC

Termite Control in Mt. Pleasant is not just a suggestion, it’s a necessity.  Termite do more than $5 billion a year in damage to property and is not covered by home owners insurance.  Not only do we have to contend with the Eastern Subterranean Termite in the area, but the Formosan Termite is a big issue in areas of Mt. Pleasant, such as Ion, the Old Village, Hamlin Plantation and Charleston National.  Palmetto offers lifetime termite warranties that include liquid barrier treatments with the best termiticide on the market, Termidor, annual inspections and repair warranties to qualified homes that will repair up to $250,000 in damage.  Make sure your home is protected from these destructive pests and call our Charleston office for a free inspection and quote.

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What Our Employees Say:

Working with Palmetto has been amazing. It is a very family orientated company. I love getting to learn more about different pests and getting to challenge myself with new ideas.

Ashley - Greenville, SC

What Our Customers Say:

Just wanted to comment on the termite treatment performed at my home yesterday: The employees of Palmetto were very pleasant and went above and beyond to make sure all work was of top quality. Very pleased with the services of Palmetto and their employees.

Jan - Greenville, SC