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Pest Control Services

Residential Chapin Pest Control

For routine pest control to keep your home bug-free all year round, Chapin pest control from Palmetto Exterminators can take care of all your bug and rodent concerns. We offer a quarterly residential pest control program that includes an initial pest control evaluation and inspection, plus automatic treatments around the Chapin area. No need to pick up the phone; we’ll be there every three months.

Commercial Chapin Pest Control

Palmetto Exterminators offers commercial pest control for companies and commercial properties in the Chapin area. From restaurants to retail, to healthcare and beyond, you can trust Palmetto Exterminators to handle all of your pest control issues. We use integrated pest management (IPM) to first assess the problem and then determine the best approach for solving it. Using IPM, our services have a lasting pest control effect.

Bed Bug Control

If you see that you have bed bugs or even suspect that you do, your first instinct may be to get rid of all of your furniture. While that is one method, it likely isn’t the best, and there are other ways to handle the dreaded bed bugs. Our pest professionals take a thorough IPM approach to eradicate all bed bugs from your home. We understand how uncomfortable it is to have bed bugs in your home, and we treat their removal like the serious issue that it is.

Palmetto Green:

Palmetto Exterminators considers the sustainable methods of pest control to be best, which is why we were one of the first pest control companies in the country to begin a green service that aims to minimize the use of traditional pesticides. Products in our Palmetto Green program are natural, organic, and have biodegradable compounds.

Special Services:

In addition to bed bugs, some other pests require special control measures. These are listed on our Special Services page. We can provide one-time pest control for pests like wasps, fleas, carpenter bees, yellow jackets, rodents, and more.

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We have had the enjoyment of our yard all times of the day thanks to your service! It’s been fantastic not having mosquitoes or flies attack us as we enjoy grilling out or having the kids play in the lawn, etc.

Gwen - Summerville, SC

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