Crawl Space Solutions

Palmetto Exterminators has been protecting health and property in the Carolinas since 1960.

We proudly offer Palmetto Crawl Space Solutions as part of that continuing effort. Conventional ventilated crawl spaces allow moisture and “dirty” air to enter our homes. This air then travels up through the house, bringing odors and other contaminants. Sealing and conditioning the crawl space lowers wood moisture content lowers energy costs, and improves indoor air quality. A sealed crawl space is 15-18% more energy efficient than a ventilated crawl space, and a dry crawl space is less attractive to insect pests.

*This service is currently only available in our Greenville branch.

Steps of Encapsulation:

ceiling insulation

  1. Sealing foundation vents.
  2. Sealing/insulating foundation walls.
  3. Wrapping /sealing foundation piers.
  4. Cover the crawl space floor with a heavy floor liner.
  5. Installing a crawl space dehumidifier.

Additional steps, if needed:

  1. Debris removal.
  2. Cleaning/sanitizing subfloor.
  3. Sump pump and drainage installation.
  4. Pest/Termite treatment.

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