Mosquito Barrier Treatment

Mosquito Barrier TreatmentsIf you are not quite ready to make a permanent investment with a Mosquito Misting System but want consistent, effective mosquito control during mosquito and gnat season, our monthly Mosquito Barrier Treatments may be best suited for your needs.

Mosquito Barrier Treatments are a cost-effective approach to killing and repelling mosquitoes and gnats. As with all of our services, the initial inspection and estimate are free.

There is no need to suffer through mosquito season. Even if you live on the marsh or surrounded by forest, you too can get relief from mosquitoes.

How our Mosquito Barrier Treatments work

During mosquito and gnat season (approximately April through November), our licensed and trained mosquito control specialists will perform a Mosquito Barrier Treatment in your yard every 2-4 weeks. The length of the season is dependent on your location, environment, harborage areas in and around your yard, and well as weather patterns.

Treatments will kill the mosquitoes and gnats in your yard, as well as repel them from the treated area. With this in mind, our specialists will customize a mosquito treatment program to meet your specific needs.

We will inspect your outdoor area for mosquito breeding and harborage areas. Next, we will perform a surface spray treatment of the target area. We are extremely careful not to spray edible vegetation, Koi ponds or other sensitive areas.

Then using a mosquito fogger, we will jet fog harborage areas, such as shrubbery, where mosquitoes rest. Finally, our mosquito treatment includes the larviciding of breeding areas.

What sets Palmetto Exterminators apart

  • Most of our competitors treat only by fogging, which is why our multi-faceted approach is more effective in killing and repelling mosquitoes and gnats.
  • Our mosquito treatment program is fully customizable so we treat your yard only as needed, for the months you request and as your yard requires.
  • You are not locked into a mosquito treatment contract for 9 months when the season turns out to be only 7.
  • We do not use mosquito traps, mosquito dunks or other DIY methods.
  • Our mosquito treatment program follows an Integrated Pest Management approach and is fully customizable to provide you with the absolute best service and results in home mosquito control.

Green Mosquito Barrier Treatments

As with all of our mosquito treatment methods, we also offer Green Mosquito Barrier Treatments using organic, bio-degradable products.

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