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5 Common Fall Pests

5 Common Fall Pests

Fall is here at last, bringing cooler temperatures, more outdoor activity, and unfortunately, more bugs. Certain pests become more active in the fall as the weather cools down. They are trying to escape the cold, but don’t let them get comfortable in your space! Here are the top 5 fall pests to look out for as temperatures begin to drop.


During the summer months spiders are maturing, but fall is when they usually spin their webs and prepare for winter. Spiders lay their eggs and reproduce in the cooler months, so they are especially present in and around homes. You definitely don’t want them laying eggs in your house!


Ants are a nuisance in the summertime, but that does not stop them from invading your home in the fall as well. They can easily enter through cracks and crevices in your home. Once they are in, they multiply quickly and can be especially difficult to get rid of.


Rodents are commonly known to seek shelter in warmer homes during the cooler months. They leave droppings, transmit diseases, and contaminate food sources wherever they go. To avoid rodents nesting in your space, you will want to make sure cracks are properly sealed.


These pests seem to adapt to any weather condition, which means they are still active in the fall! They’re also seeking shelter when the temperature drops. Like rodents, roach infestations can also cause disease and are a nuisance to deal with.

Lady Bugs

Although their size and demeanor are less intimidating, you don’t want these bugs lurking in your home. They can stain clothing and furniture, and they emit a foul odor when killed. Once they get comfortable, they can be especially difficult to remove.

You might think that as the weather gets cooler pests become more dormant, but actually quite the opposite is happening! Many pests are trying to escape the cold by sneaking into your home. Palmetto Exterminators can remove any bug or rodent from your property and take precautions to prevent the next invasion. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or to find out more!