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8 Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Pest Free

8 Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Pest Free

The hubspot for all activity inside your home tends to revolve around the kitchen. This is not only the case for the human and pet residents of the house, but also for the pests that may have snuck in through a crack. Nobody wants to open a cabinet and see a cockroach staring back at them, so Palmetto Exterminators has compiled a comprehensive list of ways to keep your kitchen pest free:

1. Confine the crumbs to keep the kitchen pest free

Food is messy, especially if you have young children and crumbs tend to find their way all throughout the house. When it comes to minimizing the spread of pests from one part of the house to another, this trail of crumbs presents a real problem. Try to eat at your kitchen table as much as possible, and if you must roam the house with your snacks, be diligent about cleaning up the crumbs as you go.

2. Wipe down kitchen and dining surfaces

The bulk of your food remnants are going to be on countertops, tables, cabinets, and floors. Wipe down counters and tables, scrub the stove, clean out cabinets, and sweep or vacuum floors consistently. Wood floors are notorious for harboring food particles in between the boards and kitchen rugs can hide a buffet of crumbs.

3. Store food in airtight containers

Pests are sneaky and tenacious. If you think your food is safe from harm in a to-go box or paper bag, think again. Creatures such as mice and rats can gnaw through these everyday items with ease. Try to deter pests by using jars, Tupperware, and other airtight receptacles.

4. Use a trash can with a lid

On a similar note to the airtight containers, make sure your trashcan comes with a lid. People often store their lidless trash under the sink or in a drawer that pulls out, rationalizing that pests won’t be able to get to it there. This is not the case. Purchase a sturdy trash can that comes with a tightly fitting lid to prevent future pest infestations.

5. Check your food regularly for signs of decay

If you keep your fruit or bread on the countertop, examine it often for signs of over-ripening or decay. Fruit flies can lay hundreds of eggs at a time and you do not want a battle with those creatures. If you notice fruit beginning to over-ripen, move it to the fridge. If it’s already rotting, dispose of it in an outside trash can as soon as possible.

6. Rinse and run your garbage disposal often

Food can easily get trapped in garbage disposals, and pests are not above diving into your drains for a quick bite. Be mindful and make sure to keep your garbage disposal clean by running and rinsing it regularly.

7. Do the dishes as soon as you can

Unwashed dishes, both in the sink and in the dishwasher, act as beacons to pests. Try to leave dirty plates out for as little time as possible by cleaning all dishes shortly after use.

8. Don’t let pet food or water bowls sit

Your pets aren’t the only ones that like to eat their food. Beetles, cockroaches, and even mice are happy to dine on Spike’s Iams or Mr. Snufflelufagus’s water. Be diligent in removing food bowls after animals have eaten and rotate dishes periodically to reduce the likelihood of pests in your kitchen.

If you are struggling with keeping your kitchen pest free, reach out to the pest professionals at Palmetto Exterminators. We can help you eliminate existing pest problems and minimize the risk of future ones with regular inspections.