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Cold Weather Prep for Winter Bugs

Cold Weather Prep for Winter Bugs

It is no secret that pests thrive in warmer environments, but that doesn’t mean they go away in the winter. Even though many die off due to the change in temperature, many are able to find shelter and survive. Instead of hanging around outside, they want to live where it’s nice and warm: your house. To avoid having bugs in your home this winter, Palmetto Exterminators has compiled some of our favorite pest control tips.

Seal Your Home

The first and most crucial step will be getting rid of any crack or opening that bugs can use to come inside. These openings can be found in the foundation of your home. You can typically tell there is an opening from light shining through. Places such as doors, windows, etc can be great places to start out with. These cracks can be sealed using caulk, expandable foam, steel wool, or wire mesh. 

Fireplace Inspection

In the colder months, your fireplace becomes your best friend. However, it’s also a way insects can creep into your home. It is important to get an inspection and cleaning of your fireplace before using it. You also may want to cover it or screen it if you haven’t already. Then, you can enjoy cozy fires without any unwanted guests!

Caulking doors and windows will help prevent drafts, which will in turn prevent bugs from making their way in. This will also keep your home warmer and more comfortable for the colder weather ahead.

Caulk Windows

Fix Leaks

Leaks invite bugs who thrive in water, such as cockroaches, inside. Taking the time you’re stuck indoors to fix any leaks is worth it. Leaks can also cause many other issues, so you can fix up your home and keep it clean while also deterring pests.

Install Sweepers

Sweepers should be installed on exterior doors to keep bugs out. This is an easy way to prevent them from coming inside your house from underneath your doors.

Tidy Up

Neatening up your outside is a small preventative measure to keep your home pest-free. Cleaning gutters, getting rid of debris, and trimming down trees and bushes to keep away from siding is essential. You should also store your firewood far enough away from your home where pests cannot use it to travel inside. 

Although bugs can be hard to avoid in the South, even in the winter, there are still ways to prevent them from ruining your holiday season. Contact Palmetto Exterminatorsfor a free pest inspection or for any other questions you may have regarding winter bugs and our pest control services.