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How to Keep Your Kitchen Pest-Free During the Holidays

How to Keep Your Kitchen Pest-Free During the Holidays

Uninvited guests finding their way into your kitchen? No, we don’t mean your noisy in-laws… we mean the sneaky insects finding their way into the crooks and carnies of your kitchen. These pests can be a constant and annoying nuisance, especially during the holiday season. Palmetto Exterminators has some tips for keeping your kitchen pest-free during the holidays.

1. Keep Your Trash Closed 

Keeping your trash closed is an easy way to deter bugs from coming into your home. Insects, especially cockroaches, are often attracted to trash. Placing a trash can in your home without a lid can be tempting as you may find yourself constantly opening and closing it to throw things away, however, this can be a major win in the battle to keep bugs away from your kitchen.

2. Store Your Food Properly

If you live in the South or a humid area, it is extremely important to properly store your food to preserve it but to also keep the bugs away. Similar to the trash situation, bugs are attracted to food. This can include keeping food off of the counter or properly closing containers storing food. Even though you may think your food is safe in a closed cardboard box or in a clipped bag, this may not be enough to deter the bugs. Keep your food stored uncontaminated by storing it in airtight containers to keep unwanted critters out. 

3. Clean Up Frequently 

Kitchen’s are the heart of the home and with everyone’s busy schedules, it is bound to get dirty. However, wiping down surfaces and cleaning up when you have an extra moment throughout the day, will be critical to keeping bugs out of your home. Keep in mind that what might seem like a minimal mess to us can sometimes be big enough to draw pests to your kitchen. Wiping down countertops, tabletops, and stoves tops can go a long way in keeping pests at bay. 

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4. Keep an Eye on Your Dishes 

Dishes piling up in the sink but you’re too tired to clean them? Don’t worry we’ve all been there. Unfortunately, not only are these dishes an eyesore but they can also attract unwanted pests. The food particles left that stay on your unwashed dishes are just waiting for bugs. Even letting your dishes soak in the sink can attract insects. The standing water with food particularly in it can be cockroach heaven. Try to clean your dishes as soon as you can after you are finished eating.

5. Try to Eat on a Plate

In an attempt to save yourself from one more dirty dish, you may be attracting an even bigger problem by not using a plate. If you aren’t careful or even sometimes without you even realizing it, crumbs can drop to the floor. Snacking outside of your kitchen will just make a bigger mess than necessary. Insects are known to find even the smallest of crumbs and the more they find the more likely they are to come back. Try to keep your snacking to the kitchen and even on a plate when you can remember it. 

6. Frequent Exterminator Services 

A more permanent solution to keeping your kitchen pest-free during the holidays is to stay up to date on extermination services. Regular scheduled pest control should have your home treated once every two or three months. A professional pest control service can give you peace of mind and rest assured your property is protected from annoying best. 

Give Palmetto Exterminators a callfor your free pest inspection, and one of our local exterminatorswill be right over to help you protect your property. Our experts can set you up with a comprehensive plan to make sure your home or commercial property stays protected from a future infestation.