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How to Prepare for Your First Pest Control Visit

How to Prepare for Your First Pest Control Visit

Nobody looks forward to pest control visits, because nobody looks forward to having pest issues in the first place. But when you find yourself facing down an army of invading ants or hunting for the source of your damaged porch railing, everyone wants their pest control visit to be as seamless and successful as possible.

At Palmetto Exterminators, we have 60 years of experience protecting your health and your property from pests. Even so, there are still ways you can help our visits run even smoother. Read on to learn how you can make the most of a pest inspection and help your pest control specialist work as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Collaboration is Key

Entering an unfamiliar home can be tricky. It is extremely beneficial to our technicians when someone is available to let them into the home, give them a walkthrough, and provide access to different areas of the space. Not only does this help your specialist familiarize themselves with the area, but it is an opportunity to debrief about where the problem lies and to understand what exact methods they will be implementing during the pest control visit

As a family-owned company, Palmetto Exterminators understands that your home is a safe space for your loved ones, and it deserves to be respected. We strive to do exactly that through collaboration with you, the homeowner, every step of the way. 

Look Out for Your Pets

While we want to focus on ridding your home of unwanted animals, we want to keep the welcome ones safe. Depending on where the pest control treatment is taking place, be mindful to contain your animals a safe distance away from the activity. After services are completed, keep dogs and cats contained for another 30 minutes to be sure they don’t interact with any pesticides. If you own birds or fish, either relocate them or cover their cages or tanks with fabric to protect them from pesticide spray particles moving throughout the air. 

Knowing exactly where your pets are and that they are safe will positively contribute to the overall experience. This way, pest control specialists can open the necessary doors and windows without the potential of your pet wandering out. 

Protect Young Children

Younger children may be affected by pesticides more than the average adult. If you are a family with young children, try to arrange for them to be out of the house for the duration of the pest control visit, or at least in another area.

Depending on the pest involved, the pests themselves can become a danger during their removal from your home. Wasps especially tend to become aggressive during pest control treatments. For this reason, it is wise to keep children away from the focus area of the home. One step better would be to keep them completely out of the house and away from the process for the day. 

Prepare the Kitchen

Preparing your kitchen for your pest inspection has several benefits, and requires a few different steps. Firstly, a do general sweepthrough of the kitchen to clean off countertops and organize cabinets. Clearing out cabinets and closing up food will make your kitchen less palatable to invasive pests in the future. Be sure to store all food items in either the refrigerator or cabinets, along with other cooking utensils and supplies. This is an important step to avoid the possibility of contamination. 

Depending on the level to which your house is infested, it may be necessary to clean your refrigerator, dishwasher, and stove as well. Pay attention to which type of pest is infiltrating your home, and consult with your pest control specialist to determine exactly the correct protocol to take in the kitchen. 

Cleaning your kitchen in this way should not be a one-time event solely for the purpose of your pest control visit. It is important to maintain a routine cleaning schedule, especially if you have had issues with pest invasion in the past. 

Move Clutter and Large Furniture

Removing any potential hiding place for pests will guarantee a much more effective pest inspection. Pests will gravitate to hiding spots such as large, stationary furniture including bookshelves, sofas, refrigerators, and desks. Make sure that you are shaking out cushions and moving large furniture as you clean. This step will provide insight as to where the pests are hiding.

After sorting through your large pieces of furniture, move them towards the walls of the room. This will give your pest control specialist sufficient space to thoroughly complete the treatment. 

Scrub Floors and Clean Carpets

Thoroughly cleaning your floors and carpets will target non-visible eggs and hidden pests. Of course, it is your Palmetto Exterminator’s job to rid your home of pests completely, but the less pests prior to the pest control visit, the better. 

For hard-wood floors, a mop is the most effective tool. This will increase the effectiveness of your pest control visit, as well as strengthen the long-term impact. 

Consult With Your Specialist

At Palmetto Exterminators, we pride ourselves on our relationship with our client. Your comfort is our top priority, and we want to be a consistent resource for you to achieve this. For any further questions concerning how to prepare for your first pest control visit, contact us directly and we will be happy to consult with you.