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Prepare Your Backyard for Pest Season: Part II

Prepare Your Backyard for Pest Season: Part II

Spring has officially arrived in its full glory. The warmer days ahead of us bring along soft breezes, delicate flowers blooming in every garden and, unfortunately, droves of pests coming out to enjoy the warm weather. Spring and summer are prime pest season, which is why now is the time to gird your backyard for their inevitable appearance.

1. Remove standing water

Cockroaches, flies, and everyone’s favorite pest known as the humble mosquito all tend to adore stagnant water. Standing water is a conduit for their drinking and mating activities, so it’s a good idea to get rid of it as soon as possible. If you have any holes in your yard or trees with knot holes that can store water, fill them in with dirt. Try to keep standing water off of your pool and spa covers and clear out your gutters. Even if you only have organic debris in your gutters, push that out as it can hold water when it rains. Also, make sure to check trash can lids, children’s toys and pet bowls for water that could be attracting pests.

2. Remove excess mulch

If you plan to put down new mulch, get rid of some of last year’s leftovers first. Decaying mulch is the perfect hiding place for creepy crawlies like earwigs, house centipedes and roaches. Putting down a fresh layer of mulch on top of the decaying matter makes it much more difficult to spot and treat a pest problem.

3. Store animal food in airtight containers

If it’s food for your four-legged friends, it’s also food for visiting pests. If you’re going to have pests anywhere, it’s better for them to be outside rather than in your home. Store any animal food outside in an airtight container, as the well-sealed container should deter any unwanted creatures from stealing a meal from your darling pets.

4. Check for exterior cracks

Have you heard the saying that if a mouse’s head can fit through a hole, its body will too? Now imagine how tiny of a crack something like a cockroach or spider could wriggle its way into. Check for cracks along your home’s foundation, all points of entry (windows, doors, cellars, etc) and plumbing. If you find any, seal them up with caulk. This will not only deter pests, but it may also help with your electricity bill. Try to inspect your home during pest season as well as in the fall and winter.

5. Schedule quarterly pest control from Palmetto Exterminators

Every three months, the professional exterminators at Palmetto Exterminators will pay a visit to your home to monitor the exterior and use environmentally-friendly products to control pests if necessary. If you’d like to set up an appointment for general pest prevention or more specific services like installing a mosquito misting system, contact Palmetto Exterminators.

Happy spring and best of luck in keeping the pests at bay!