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All About Rats and Mice: 6 Tips for Rodent Control

All About Rats and Mice: 6 Tips for Rodent Control

No one should have to worry about rats or mice crawling throughout their home, but some properties can become a target for these rodents. Rats and mice can transmit a variety of diseases upon arrival and generally make your living space uncomfortable and unsafe. Here are a few tips we recommend for keeping these furry pests under control:

Know the Difference between Mice and Rats

The first critical step is to understand the difference between rats and mice so that you have a better idea of how to deal with them. Mice are very curious and like to investigate new areas, while rats are a little more cautious. Rats don’t typically like to investigate new spots until they become familiar with them. They both have poor eyesight, but use senses like smell, taste, and touch to navigate.

Tidy Up

Rats and mice are more attracted to certain features of a property than others. Any old food items should be removed from the garbage and lids should be secured; the smell alone is enough to bring rodents towards your property. Consider removing larger items from your yard, because rats or mice can use these as a form of shelter. Objects like old tires, construction materials, or piles of wood provide a perfect shelter for these critters.

Another simple tip is to trim down overgrown grass and keep the lawn manicured. Rodents prefer overgrown vegetation for hideouts, so this is an easy way to prevent them from nesting there.

Fix Cracks and Crevices

If rodents make it close to your property, they will likely look for ways in; even the smallest openings in your home can be entry points. Mice can fit into a crevice the size of a dime and rats can fit if it’s the size of a quarter.

In addition, check for softened wood from water damage as rodents can bite their way through. A thorough inspection of your property helps ensure that rats and mice cannot make your home theirs.


Keeping a clean house, specifically the kitchen, can improve chances of rodents leaving if they are already inside. Wipe down counters to remove crumbs and keep all food items enclosed in a durable storage container. Mice and rats have strong teeth, so they can chew through plastics. Don’t forget to eliminate excess pet food and water as this can keep unwanted visitors nourished for weeks.

Use Traps

If you already suspect that a rat or mouse has invaded your home, you can try to set out traps to get rid of them. Place the traps in areas you think the rodent has been present. Consider baiting with food to lure the rodent in.

Professional Help

The most effective measure for getting rodents off your property is to call a professional. Palmetto Exterminators has extensive experience with rodent control and can provide quality results quickly. Check us out to see how you can get a free inspection of your residential or commercial property, or contact Palmetto Exterminators with any other questions. We look forward to hearing from you!