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Why Are Pests More Active During the Summer Months

Why Are Pests More Active During the Summer Months

Summer Swarms 

People across the globe highly anticipate the season of sunny days, vacations, and hot temperatures perfect for basking in the summer sun. Sadly, so do many pests that join in on the summer festivities we’d rather enjoy alone. Aside from the abundance of mosquitoes that are infamous on summer days, you have probably noticed considerably higher numbers of other pests during this season. While many are aware of the increase of insects and pests during the warmer months, only a few people know exactly why this is the case. Our team of experts at Palmetto Exterminators, we’ll let you in on why summer months bring summer swarms of pests and certain measures you can take to keep your summer pest-free.

A Feast of Plenty 

Summer is a foodie’s delight. With increased vacation travel and summer seasonal foods ready for indulging, it’s no secret eating patterns are much more frequent and pests are no exception. Though most pests don’t feast on what we consider food, our yards are their supermarket. In the summer, greenery thrives with beautiful, lush green lawns which are a gourmet meal for these pesky pests. With healthy landscapes, pests indulge in what they can find. To keep your lawns pest-free, contact your local pest control experts to inspect and preserve your lawn. You can also invest in certain pesticides if needed. Pests that identify as scavengers such as mice and other rodents, stocked pantries meet the summer appetite demand, and infestation risks increase. To keep these scavengers out, keep food sealed, close your pantry when you are not using it, and contact a local exterminator in case of an infestation. 

It’s Hot, Hot, Hot 

No summer day is without hot weather, sometimes reaching unbearable temperatures. With averages in the 90s, certain pests find the outdoors to be a great oasis. One of the most common insects that is visible in the summer and thrives off of hot temperatures is none other than the mosquito. Other insects that love the heat include ants and termites to name a few. To enjoy the summer weather without coming back inside with mosquito battle wounds, make sure to use effective insect repellent and hire a professional mosquito control service if needed. Thankfully, Palmetto Exterminators is not just an all-around pest service but is specialized in Palmetto Mosquito Control to combat mosquito infestations.

Extended Days Mean Extended Stays 

One of the most beloved characteristics of summer is the longer daylight hours with the sun setting later than in the fall and winter months. More sun means more time for play, activity, and interaction and, sadly, pests are a little too similar to us in this nature. With longer days means more time for feeding, increasing pest activity. With increased activity in people, certain pests also feed off of this to match our energy. These pests that tend to follow us around include mosquitoes, bed bugs, lice, and stinging insects such as wasps. Make sure that in your increased activity, that you monitor your surroundings and use insect repellent so you don’t attract these nosey insects. 

Come Rain, Come Shine 

Summer months are coupled with summer showers and unmatched humidity, especially in the Lowcountry. While most of us are not particularly fond of humidity, pests love it. Anything that brings moisture to the air whether it be an occasional rain shower or humidity, pests flock to the scene. While we may feel as though we are shriveling up in the humid heat, certain summertime pests and insects thrive. To keep these pests away from your home, it is smart to remove any standing water around your property and get rid of anything that can create excessive moisture build-up. If you have a pool, make sure to clean it regularly to minimize the chances of a pest pool party. 

Despite These Pests, the Summer is Yours For the Taking

While pests may increase their activity during the summer months, that doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy all that the season has to offer. With these helpful tips in mind, you are equipped to keep pests away and out of your home. However, there is only so much you can do on your own. Contact your local pest control for affordable pest control services. Here at Palmetto Exterminators, we work hard to bring you the best pest control service so you can enjoy your summer, pest-free. If you have any infestations, concerns, or need an expert’s opinion, contact us for a free pest inspection