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house-fleasFleas might be small and wingless, but they aren’t naked to the human eye. A fully grown flea can grow up to 2.5 mm long and are known to have a shiny red or brown color with microscopic hair. Even though the average flea doesn’t have wings, they are able to jump very long distances for their small size, which enables them to quickly maneuver through animal fur.

Of the 200 species of fleas, the cat flea is the most common. This type of flea feeds off both animals and humans, however, they usually prefer pets due to their fur, which provides warmth and shelter. Flea bites leave painful and itchy red bumps that can cause discomfort to humans and pets.

A single flea can live on your pet for about 2 months and are able to consume up to 15 times their own body weight in blood. This pest reproduces extremely quick, as they lay eggs in very large numbers. You can expect you household flea to lay about 40 or 50 eggs a day for about 50 days, which means flea infestations are nothing to brush off.

Fleas are also able to transmit diseases such as tapeworm and bacterial diseases.

When it comes to a flea infestation, it’s better to call a professional and get rid of these pests as soon as possible then try risky home remedies or the waiting game. Contact Palmetto Exterminators to solve your flea problems today!

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