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Bed Bug Control Services

Featuring An IPM Approach That Offers The Best Results.

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We offer the most effective bed bug treatment.

Bed Bug Treatment Process

Treatment of bed bugs cannot be done with pesticides alone. Our treatment process requires the full cooperation of our customers.
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Preparation For Treatment

A preparation checklist will be provided to the homeowner. Steps include:
    • Wash all clothing, linens, and similar items
    • Take down items hanging on walls and seal up personal belongings
    • Vacuum thoroughly
    • Moving all furniture at least 18" from the walls
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Initial Treatment

On the day of treatment, all pets and people should vacate the area being treated for bed bugs. After we perform our treatment, residents should not enter the treated areas for at least four hours or until all applied products have dried.
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Contractor Repairs 

In some cases, bed bugs can cause more than just discomfort; they may also lead to damage such as holes in floors and walls, as well as peeling paint. If this occurs, it is recommended that repairs be conducted by a contractor within a week of the initial treatment.

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Follow-up Inspections and Treatment

A follow-up inspection and treatment (if necessary) will be performed two weeks after the initial treatment. During this time, all stored items should remain stored per the recommendation list and instructions given by Palmetto specialists.
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Final Inspection And Closeout

Additional treatments will be scheduled if necessary.

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