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Mosquito Barrier Treatments

Monthly services for consistent and effective mosquito control

How Barrier Treatments Work

Regular Treatments During Mosquito & Gnat Season

During mosquito and gnat season (approximately March through November), our licensed and trained Pest Specialists will perform a Mosquito Barrier Treatment approximately every four weeks. The length of the season is dependent on your location, environment, harborage areas in and around your yard, and weather.

Using a mosquito fogger, we will jet fog harborage areas, such as shrubbery, where mosquitoes rest. Our mosquito treatment also includes the larviciding of breeding areas. Treatments will kill the mosquitoes and gnats in your yard and repel them from the treated area.

Don't suffer through mosquito season. Take your outdoor area back with Palmetto's Mosquito Service.

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Take back the outdoors with Mosquito Control

What Sets Palmetto Exterminators Apart

Our Mosquito Barrier Treatments have many benefits.

  • We practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM), an effective and environmentally sensitive approach to pest management.
  • We can customize a program to provide you with the best service and results.
  • We do not use mosquito traps, dunks, or DIY methods.
  • We offer environmentally responsible, organic, and bio-degradable products.
  • We target mosquitoes in all stages of life, larvae to adults, more effectively controlling populations.

See What People Are Saying

Protecting The Carolinas Since 1960

Best company in the world to use for pest control! I have been using them since 2006. They are always very considerate and polite. I especially like Dave, the technician that comes out to my house in Mount Pleasant. Everyone should use these guys because they are great and better than any of the other companies I have ever used plus less expensive. Great package!

- Stephanie Love - Charlotte, NC

Excessive rain brought in hordes of roaches...uh, palmetto bugs. After treatment, said hordes are graciously dying. Tech told me they would return for a booster treatment if necessary. Staff very responsive.

- Charlie - Hollywood, SC

Just wanted to share why I use your company: Will from the Walterboro office is my rep. He called my home this morning before heading out to my home; I assume I was his first client of the day. I love this courtesy. He uses GREEN products inside my home at my request, and without hassle. Will always explains to me what's in them, and after double checking the information packet decides not to use the product around our new family pet. A Bearded dragon named Belladonna, who eats crickets! I am so thankful that he is so thorough. Will is efficient and pleasant and anytime I have trapped a bug in a bag or jar, he never hesitates to I.D. it. Many thanks to Will, and his expertise. I will be sure to continue to recommend your services. Thank you.

- Leslie - Walterboro, SC

Palmetto Exterminators are amazing! Professional and courteous. Have used their Bluffton services for several years, and they are easy to schedule and always on time. They go above and beyond performing their job. Recently made an emergency call and they came out same day. Very impressive.

- Baker D. - Bluffton, SC

Thank you for your service. We could not do without you at Edisto to keep the bugs and critters away! We appreciate that you are

- Nancy H. - Edisto,SC

I am a regular customer of Palmetto Exterminators for our termite and pest management services, and it was a genuinely delightful experience utilizing their services once again. From the moment I made the call, I was greeted by friendly staff who were eager to assist me with my pest problem. The technician who came to my home, Matthew, was professional and knowledgeable and took care of the yellowjacket infestation quickly and efficiently. What impressed me was the consistent quality of the service provided. Matthew explained the process thoroughly and answered my questions, putting my mind at ease. He also took measures to ensure the safety of my family and pets during the treatment process. As a regular customer, I highly recommend this pest control company to anyone looking for a reliable and effective solution to their pest problems and quarterly management services. You won't be disappointed!

- Dawn L. - Greenville,SC