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In 2013 Palmetto Exterminators extended its coverage area to service Myrtle Beach for pest control. Whether Myrtle Beach is your permanent home or it is summer vacation destination, Palmetto Exterminators has you covered for all of your pest needs. With the warm climate and increase of moisture, you are likely to encounter American cockroaches and ants in Myrtle Beach. Our quarterly pest control program in Myrtle Beach will safeguard you from encountering these pest. In the event that one of these insects sneaks past our protection, give us a call and we will return at no fee. In addition to routine quarterly pest control service in Myrtle Beach, our dedicated team also offers yard treatments as an add-on service. Top notch customer service and quality pest control is just a phone call away. Call or click today for a free quote, and experience the superior service difference with Palmetto Exterminators quarterly pest control.

Termite Control Myrtle Beach, SC

Termites and the coast line of South Carolina are synonymous. Termites have been, and will continue to seek out your most expensive investment, your house. The inevitable threat of termites in Myrtle Beach is main reason you should seek professional termite control to rid your home of these costly insects.   Termites can be can cause severe damage and destruction when they enter your home. Since homeowners insurance does not cover termite damage, you as a homeowner will be paying for damages without coverage. One of the warning signs of termite activity are swarmers, the reproductive portion of the colony. Beginning in late March, and leading into early April, these swarmers begin to emerge in Myrtle Beach to develop new colonies. Identification is crucial in determining if the invasion are swarming termites or swarming ants. To rid your property from termites and protect from any further issues, one of our Termidor certified professional will provide a liquid barrier treatment around the biggest investment of your life, your home. As part of the Palmetto standard, the coverage will come with a lifetime warranty, as long as the annual renewal is paid. To get started, an inspection of your home and a quote are free. All you need to do is give us a call today to set up a time to begin protecting your home against termites.

Mosquito Control Myrtle Beach, SC

Nothing will ruin your vacation or getaway to Myrtle Beach quicker than mosquitoes. No matter what kind of party, gathering, or celebration you are having, Palmetto Exterminators can make your outdoors more livable. With a wide range of service options ranging from special event services to mosquito misting systems, Palmetto Exterminators is sure to make your time in Myrtle Beach mosquito free. Call today to learn how we can enhance your time away, and begin enjoying Myrtle Beach all over again.

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