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3 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Mosquito Control Programs

3 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Mosquito Control Programs

Spring has sprung here in the South and it's time to get your home ready for the season! On your checklist, you probably already have a solid number of chores, from spring cleaning to yard work, but there might be one thing that you are still missing - mosquito control! Mosquito and pest control are among the most important preparations but are often left off the list. To ensure your home is ready for peak pest season, you may want to consider subscribing to a professional mosquito control program. A mosquito treatment provides effective, lasting results, but if you have never subscribed to a professional mosquito control service before, you might still have a few questions. As your local mosquito exterminators, we are here to help walk you through what you need to know about chemical mosquito treatments so that you can decide which solution is best for your home or business.

Should You Subscribe to Mosquito Control Services?

Can I Protect Myself From Mosquitoes?

After one itchy, swollen bite, most people rush over to the nearest convenience store to grab a quick, over-the-counter fix for mosquito control. Unfortunately, many shelves are stocked with an assortment of, well, lacking mosquito control "solutions". Some may even pose a health risk, such as DEET sprays and mosquito repellent coils. Others simply don't do their job.

That is not to say that all over-the-counter mosquito control products are useless. Some plant-based oil products, for example, lemon eucalyptus, can be relatively effective for a short time. This is great news if you need a quick fix on a hike or camping trip, but not for your own yard. The lemon eucalyptus combination only works for a short period, and results may vary. With mosquitoes being the most dangerous critter on the planet, it's best not to take your chances. If you want long-term protection for your property that will drive mosquitoes away for the summer, you should consider a professional mosquito control treatment.

Are Chemical Mosquito Treatments Safe?

Based on an assessment using toxicity data and exposure estimates, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does not expect risks of concern to humans when chemical mosquito treatments are used in outdoor residential systems according to labeling specific for use in these systems. You might be wondering, but if insecticides are really safe, why are there so many controversial opinions on using them? The truth is that not all pest control companies apply insecticides properly or responsibly. Inexperienced mosquito exterminators can cause you to not only waste your money but can harm natural vegetation and non-threatening insects in your yard by misapplying these chemicals.

At Palmetto Mosquito Control, the answer is yes, chemical mosquito treatments are safe. As a leader in pest management, all of the products we use are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and our technicians have the proper licensing, experience, and equipment needed to safely eliminate mosquitoes. To minimize unnecessary exposure, we suggest keeping adults, children, and pets indoors for at least thirty minutes after the treatment is applied. Before we treat your yard, we also implement integrated pest management practices, such as removing sources of standing water, sealing up cracks and other potential entry points for mosquitoes coming into the home, removing debris, and cleaning up overgrown vegetation. The Center for Disease Control and EPA recommend this as the best first step in reducing the mosquito and pest populations in your yard.

What Is a Professional Mosquito Control Treatment?

At Palmetto Mosquito Control, we offer a safe and effective approach to mosquito control. Our multifaceted program includes a thorough examination of your property so that we can identify problem areas and make recommendations accordingly to eliminate the mosquito population in your yard. One of our mosquito exterminator specialists will then work to alleviate problem areas, such as standing water, overgrown shrubbery, debris, and more that can serve as an ideal mosquito breeding ground. After we have taken care of the quick fixes, our Palmetto mosquito exterminators will present your options for mosquito control, including:

Mosquito Barrier Treatment

Mosquito barrier treatments are a safe and cost-effective way to control, repel, and eliminate mosquito populations during peak season. These barrier treatments are customized to your specific needs, but usually involve a mosquito exterminator visiting every 2 to 4 weeks, examining your property for problem areas, removing lures and breeding issues, spraying the affected area, and then jet fogging the harborage areas most likely to re-attract pests. Palmetto Mosquito Control uses only NPMA-certified chemicals that are safe for you and your property, and our experts are trained to be extremely careful to avoid audible vegetation, koi ponds, or other affectable areas.

Mosquito Misting System Technology

In 2003, Palmetto Mosquito Control became the first company to offer mosquito misting systems in the Charleston area. Once people saw how effective these systems could be, our business expanded very quickly, and they are now a standard offering at all of our service locations. In simple terms, these mosquito misting systems are very similar to a traditional irrigation system. As with all of our services, these misting systems are completely customized to your property - so much so that no two systems are exactly alike. During installation, we make sure that both the tank and operating system are hidden from view and securely locked. These spray systems are an investment in the property, and hold up very well in terms of resale value. In most cases, these systems can be installed within a day, and then the system is automated, with a simple and unobtrusive spray that protects your home without further obstruction. The precise placement of the misting nozzle heads also allows the product to be distributed to the most beneficial area while minimizing potential accident exposure to children, pets, and adults.

Green Mosquito Control Services

One less known option we offer is our green mosquito control treatments. At Palmetto Mosquito Control, we have taken great care to develop mosquito control treatments that are safe for you and your property. Our Palmetto mosquito exterminators are specially trained to protect your home from pests of all types, without any risk or inconvenience to you. Some homeowners simply feel more comfortable with the use of natural products in and around their homes. We respect that preference, and as an alternative, we offer green, chemical-free mosquito control programs. Ask about our green barrier treatments, which use only organic, biodegradable products, and our specialists will be happy to provide a free consultation!

Get Started With A Mosquito Control Program

Not only are our pest control solutions effective against pesky mosquitoes, but gnats and no-see-ums, too. And since mosquito season has already begun, now is the time to reach out to one of our mosquito control professionals for a free pest inspection. Don't suffer through another 6 to 8 months of buzzing pests - we are here to help!