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5 Biggest Pest Control Myths

5 Biggest Pest Control Myths

There’s a good deal of information about pests going around that simply isn’t true. The more misinformation that exists, the more pest control problems people will continue to have. Nobody wants a home overrun by bugs, rodents, or other undesirable creatures, so we’re busting the 5 biggest pest control myths.

Myth 1: If you can’t see any pests, your home is in the clear

Pests can be sneaky, so you won’t always be able to see them until you have a real problem on your hands. Termites, for example, won’t be broadcasting their existence. You have to know where to look and what you’re looking for to properly identify them. Besides the pests that hide in walls or in remote corners of kitchen cupboards, some pests are simply small and hard to see. One of the reasons that bed bugs are so difficult to eradicate is that it’s hard to see them, especially on furniture in shades of brown.

Myth 2: Leaving some cheese in a trap is the best way to catch mice

This myth is one of the most widespread, but cheese is not, in fact, the kryptonite of mice. Mice are scavengers and will eat nearly anything, but they aren’t attracted to cheese more than any other food. Alternatively, mice are attracted to foods loaded with sugar. Dried fruits, honey, candy, and even peanut butter will do a much better job of entrancing mice than cheese will. If you’re using baited traps, secure the food with a thin string so that the mice don’t grab the food and run back to their nests.

Myth 3: Your house is clean; there’s no way pests could be there

Cockroach on kitchen counter

Pests need three things: water, food, and shelter. While pest food may be more prevalent in dirty homes, clean homes can provide all three of those life-sustaining elements just as well as dirty homes can. A clean home may be less attractive to pests, but if your house is tidy and still has plenty of unsealed entry points, bugs are going to enter and search for food.

Myth 4: Seeing a cockroach or other pest in your house means it isn’t clean

This one goes along with the last myth. The presence of bugs and rodents isn’t necessarily an indication that your home needs a good scrubbing. Some creatures, such as bed bugs, truly do not discriminate. You can find these fiends just as often in 5-star hotels as you would in a backpacker’s hostel; they just need a host to thrive.

Myth 5: Your pets will guard your home against 4-legged intruders

You might think that your dog or cat will be able to catch a rat or alert you to its presence, but domesticated animals don’t always have the urge to chase rodents. In other cases, cats may actually create the pest problem by bringing a rodent into the house and accidentally releasing their prey. Once it’s out, that mouse or rat can move through spaces that your cat cannot.

Have you previously fallen victim to any of these pest control myths? Regular inspections are the best way to stay ahead of pest control issues. For more information on pest control methods like mosquito misting system, or to schedule a free pest inspection, contact Palmetto Exterminators.