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6 Ways to Keep Ants Away from Your Home

6 Ways to Keep Ants Away from Your Home

Ants can be a huge household nuisance, invading spaces quickly and often quite efficiently. Their small size allows them to carefully maneuver through crevices in your home and eventually into different food sources around your house. Additionally, ants come in large numbers. When you spot several ants, there are often hundreds lurking in hidden spaces, spreading bacteria and causing unwanted damage. With this in mind, here are some helpful tips for deterring ants from your home permanently.


Ants will deliver even the tiniest samples of food back to the colony, so aim to keep kitchen surfaces as clean as possible. As a precaution, clean your house thoroughly after spills and consider sealing off open foods in an airtight container. Ants are particularly drawn to sugar, so be sure common household items like honey, syrup, and sodas are cleaned and stored/sealed properly.

Watch for Entry Points

It’s important to seal off any small cracks, cables and wire entryways, or door and window cracks. Even though it looks like a small crevice, it could be an easy access point for tiny ants. Caulking, tape, and even poster tack can help seal off potential access points that could be problematic for pest entry.

Watch for Damp Areas

Many species of ants will invade your home seeking out dampened areas such as showers and bathrooms, windowsills, and basements. It’s important to fix even small leaks to prevent travel through dampened wood, which can lead to further damage as moisture ants can speed up the wood decay process.

Try Using Ant Bait

Try placing several ant baits out where you have previously spotted ants in your home. This tends to be an effective measure in eventually getting rid of ants because the ant will take this bait back to their colony and kill off the population, preventing new ants from spreading as well.

Contact your Local Pest Control Company

Not finding success with ant baiting or nervous to try it with small children and/or pets in the house? Worried you may not do it right in the first place? Contact Palmetto Exterminators and we will send out a representative to target your ant removal needs. Our experts are trained in all kinds of ants and ant removal tactics and will compile a comprehensive strategy to get them out of your home.

Have Patience

Whether using DIY methods or working with a professional exterminator, the ant eradication process can often be a patience game for homeowners. Even when done stringently, it can take over a week to fully eradicate ants from your home. It’s important to be patient during this process, and let the solutions run their course fully.

Ants can too easily become an overwhelming issue in homes and businesses. Whether you are experiencing a full-fledged ant infestation, or simply have spotted a couple ants in your kitchen, Palmetto Exterminators is available to provide the proper solution. Contact one of our specialists today to make an appointment for a free inspection with one of our pest control experts. With over 58 years of pest control experience, Palmetto Exterminators is your go-to local pest control company in the Southeast.