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How to Control Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees are usually harmless to humans, but their habits of drilling holes and nesting in wooden structures can be detrimental to your home. Most of the time this does not lead to irreparable structural damage, but knowing that carpenter bees are circling your home is never a comforting thought. Knowing the signs of a […]

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How To Spot Termite Damage

Are you concerned about whether your home may have severe termite damage? From creating blisters in the drywall to consuming the framing of a home, subterranean termites continue to pose a significant threat for many homeowners across the US, particularly in the southeast. Because termites are often able to infiltrate spaces without being detected, the […]

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All About Rats and Mice: 6 Tips for Rodent Control

No one should have to worry about rats or mice crawling throughout their home, but some properties can become a target for these rodents. Rats and mice can transmit a variety of diseases upon arrival and generally make your living space uncomfortable and unsafe. Here are a few tips we recommend for keeping these furry […]

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Winter Pest Control at Home

With the weather we’ve been having in the Lowcountry lately, it may not feel like winter, but we still have five more weeks of the season until spring comes around. Spells of warmer weather in the winter months can lead to a brief resurgence in insect populations and rodent activity, so winter pest control and […]

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Palmetto Exterminators Nominated for Best of Charleston Award!

Thanks to all of you, Palmetto Exterminators has been nominated for a Best of Charleston award from the Charleston City Paper! Our Charleston branch and its hardworking pest professionals are finalists for the Best Pest Control company, and we need your help to make it to number one. Final voting opens on Valentine’s Day and […]

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Palmetto Exterminators Partners with the South Carolina Stingrays

As a family-owned and community-oriented company, Palmetto Exterminators is always happy to support important businesses in our area. To that end, we’ve recently partnered up with the one and only South Carolina Stingrays of the East Coast Hockey League! Our local team of pest control specialists in Charleston is proud to cheer on their hometown […]

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Termite Activity in the Winter

In the depths of winter when temperatures are reaching new lows, many animals become less active or choose to hibernate. Termites, however, are skilled at adapting to the change in weather and remain active during this time, despite many assumptions to the contrary. If you think that winter is a good time to take a […]

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A Guide to Rodent Control

It’s no secret that rodents are unnerving in and around your property. They can damage furniture and transmit diseases while lurking throughout your house. In order to protect your space from a rodent infestation, check out some simple, easy, and inexpensive rodent control tips. Keep a Clean Space One of the best ways to control […]

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Is Pest Control Necessary in Winter?

Mosquitoes and other flying pests seem to have hunkered down for the season, so do you really need pest control in the winter months? Although some of nature’s more annoying pests may have disappeared from sight (for the most part), that doesn’t mean that you should forget about pest control until the spring. When the […]

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Where to Start with Pest Control

So there are bugs in the house. Not good. Having pests can be frustrating and getting rid of them can seem like a never ending nightmare. Here’s where to start with home pest control: 1. Identify the pest. To get rid of any bug or pest, you’re first going to need to know what it […]

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