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Buying a Home? Why a Termite Inspection is Essential

Buying a Home? Why a Termite Inspection is Essential

Congratulations on your new purchase! The road to homeownership is so rewarding, however, it does require quite a few steps to complete. The first stage happens before the sale is even closed. There are several hurdles during the closing, one of which may be a termite inspection. Although only a few states require a termite inspection, it is essential that you strongly consider doing a termite inspection. Our biases aside, a termite inspection can save you time, money, and a massive headache as the buyer. Our team of professional exterminators at Palmetto Exterminator is here to break down why getting a termite inspection is essential for any potential home buyer. 

Value of Property 

Property value is a very obvious and important part of any real estate transaction. However, the value of a property can be influenced if the home is termite infested. By conducting a thorough Wood Infestation Report (WIR) or CL-100 report, you will be able to verify the value of the property or use your new findings during the negotiation process. By discovering termite damage or infestation prior to your closing, you will not only save yourself money in damages and treatment but will have the ability to use it as a bargaining chip in how the homeowner or you will handle it before the purchase is complete. 

Termites Can Be Active Even If You Don’t See Them

Did you know that termites can be active for up to five years before their colonies are large enough to cause substantial damage? That leaves plenty of time for termites to sneak up on new homeowners. Termite damage usually starts in areas where wood is in contact with the ground, places like the foundation of your home. It can be easy to miss if you don’t know what you are looking for. 

Insurance Typically Doesn’t Cover It

If you choose to forgo a termite inspection, remember that typical homeowner insurance won’t cover termite damage unless there is an additional coverage plan for it. While you may think that termite damage is rare, it is estimated that around 600,000 homes each year in the United States are damaged by termites. The large number of homes affected by termites should make you think twice before skipping that termite inspection during the closing period. 

Termite Damage is Expensive

Termite damage is expensive as they usually eat away at your home’s foundation. It can compromise the integrity of an entire building structure or in the worst cases, completely destroy an entire building. On average, a homeowner who discovers termite damage will spend about $3000 to repair the damage. You could potentially be saving yourself thousands of dollars by utilizing a termite inspection.

Early Detection is Key

When it comes to most things termite-related, early detection can prevent more extensive damage in the future. Catching termites early in your home will save you thousands of dollars and a massive headache. Some warning signs of termites include discolored or drooping drywall, doors or window that are suddenly stuck, and excessively squeaky floorboards. However, the best and most effective way to determine if a home has termites is to get a termite inspection. Professional exterminators are the keenest and most knowledgeable people to spot these sneaky critters when you may not be able to. 

What Happens During a Termite Inspection

Whether you are a buyer, seller, or realtor, real estate termite inspections are a painless process. Often referred to as a Wood Infestation Report (WIR) or a CL-100 report, these inspections detail visible infestation and damage caused by termites or beetles, as well as, decay in accessible areas of the building. In our termite inspection reports, we include photographs, thorough documentation in easy-to-understand language, detailed diagrams of the structure, a 3-step personnel review procedure, and, of course, thorough inspections by highly trained and experienced personnel. 

Although the excitement of finding your perfect home may overtake you, please be cautious about protecting yourself and your investment. A termite inspection is essential before buying any home to save you from damage costs and a lengthy treatment process. Not to mention, termite-infested homes can be very dangerous to live in or renovate. For more information about home inspections, WIRs, and CL-100 reports, please contact us today. Our professional exterminators are ready to answer any and all questions you may have about termites.