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Hurricanes and Mosquitoes: What Homeowners Need to Know

Hurricanes and Mosquitoes: What Homeowners Need to Know

Hurricane season is coming to an end here in the Carolina's, and while you might be safe from flooding, high winds, and the potential damage these storms can cause, there are other nuisances that come out to haunt home owners post hurricane season; the most common being mosquitoes.

Adult mosquitoes do not normally survive the high winds from a hurricane, but flooding after the storm is what usually brings mosquitoes back around. Eggs laid in the soil by floodwater mosquitoes end up hatching and usually result in very large new mosquito populations. These are often referred to a nuisance mosquitoes and aren't a fun addition to anyone's backyard.

Here are a few ways to combat mosquitoes post-hurricane season:

Remove Excess Water

Make sure to remove any standing water in your yard to ensure that mosquitoes are not laying more eggs that could possibly cause your backyard insect population to double. Empty buckets, planters, toys, pools, birdbaths, and flower pots; things that could possibly collect water and offer mosquitoes the chance to lay more eggs.

Look into Mosquito Misting & Barrier Treatments

Palmetto Mosquito Control's mosquito exterminators offer two popular mosquito treatments that decrease the number of flying insects around your home: Mosquito Misting Treatments and Mosquito Barrier Treatments.

Mosquito Misting Treatment

Mosquito Misting Systems provide the most effective and consistent control for Mosquitoes and helps control gnats and ticks as well. A home mosquito misting system provides a mist through nozzles hidden throughout your landscaping. The Misting System will mist automatically two to three times a day for 45 seconds and you can manually mist the system via remote.

Mosquito Barrier Treatments

Monthly Mosquito Barrier Treatments are best for consistent control around your yard during mosquito and gnat season. This is a cost-effective way to kill and repel new batches of mosquitoes after hurricane season. Barrier treatments are usually performed every 2-4 weeks and are customized to your specific needs with an outdoor inspection that includes looking for mosquito breeding and harborage areas. Both Misting Systems and Barrier Treatment Programs offer Green options that are very effective as well.

Check Septic Systems

If your septic system has any cracks or gaps, this is an easy way for mosquitoes and gnats to make their way in and lay eggs. To prevent larger insect issues, be sure to seal any cracks that could lead to insect entry.

Double Up on Mosquito Protection

Sometimes, there's no way to avoid increased mosquito populations after a bad storm or flood. Until we are well into winter months, it's important to continue applying insect repellent to areas of exposed skin and wearing long clothing when outdoors to prevent mosquito bites.

If you are concerned about the number of mosquitoes taking over your property, contact Palmetto Exterminators and find out how we can make your outdoor space livable and enjoyable.