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Is Pest Control Necessary in Winter?

Is Pest Control Necessary in Winter?

Mosquitoes and other flying pests seem to have hunkered down for the season, so do you really need pest control in the winter months? Although some of nature’s more annoying pests may have disappeared from sight (for the most part), that doesn’t mean that you should forget about pest control until the spring.

When the temperatures drop, these creatures move in

You aren’t the only one who loves entering a cozy home after spending some time in the brisk outdoor weather. While you might have noticed significantly fewer mosquitoes or flies whining around your home, you might also be catching glimpses of more cockroaches, spiders, and rodents. These animals are particularly adept at finding ways into houses to avoid the winter chill.

Once they’re inside, they won’t make any plans to leave. Instead, they will find boxes to hide under, spin webs in your home’s corners, or create nests inside the walls. Anything to avoid going back outside. Rather than being a time to slack off on pest control, winter is prime time to ward off different kinds of intruders and prepare for the ones that will re-emerge in the spring.

Tips for fighting off winter pests

Remove cobwebs and treat infested areas

broom and dust pan outside

In the spring and summer months, you may not have noticed house spiders as much. If they’ve stuck around in your home till the fall and winter, they’ve grown much larger and likely have a much more noticeable presence. Choose to use their enhanced visibility as a not-so-subtle reminder to crack down on their webs and seal up places they might be using as entrances.

Clean out the garage

Some pests will only make it to the garage, but that shouldn’t give you much comfort. If you have piles of cardboard boxes or other clutter lying around your garage or carport area, get rid of them or clean it up. It doesn’t take much for a pest to cross the line from these midpoints into your home.

Prepare the attic

Just because you aren’t seeing the pests scurrying around your kitchen or bathroom doesn’t mean that they aren’t there. Some pests like flies and carpenter ants will set up camp in your attic and become more active when the temperature increases. Be sure to give your attic a sweep now and again to prevent these pests from thinking they have full reign of the territory.

If you know that you have a pest problem or you are looking for preventative help, contact Palmetto Exterminators. We can help ensure that your home stays pest-free in the winter and all year round.