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Keeping Your Pets and Home Flea-Free

Keeping Your Pets and Home Flea-Free


Most flea infestations start with your family pets. Cats and dogs are especially vulnerable to fleas during flea season in the warmer months. Addressing a flea problem in your home begins with making an impact at the source. Thoroughly check your pets for fleas after time outdoors and consider applying safe, preventive flea treatments. To eliminate the threat of flea infestations, your local experts at Palmetto Exterminators have come up with several precautionary steps you can take for your home.

Preparation for Cleaning

It is important to remove stray items from carpeted areas in your home. Fleas hide in small spaces under furniture, so these items must be relocated before cleaning can begin. Similarly, large furniture items like couches and chairs should be moved to open-up space. The more open space available for vacuuming, the better.

Locating Fleas in Your Home

Fleas often hide in carpet and appear as small black dot clusters. Spending extra time looking through areas where your pets sleep is beneficial, as fleas are drawn to these areas. Specks of dark powder, known as ‘flea dirt’, usually indicate the presence of flea larvae. It is essential to remove this source of growth for the infestation before it grows.

Once infestations are located, vacuum the targeted areas. This will provide a long-term solution, killing flea eggs and larvae that could potentially cause more issues if not addressed early. Steam may also be required for more serious infestations so the heat can take out adult fleas.
Vacuum bags should be replaced and discarded often to ensure the fleas do not return to your home. Dispose of vacuum bags in tightly sealed garbage bags outside the home.

Getting Rid of Fleas in Your Yard

In outdoor areas, fleas often congregate in shaded areas and crawl spaces. They tend to avoid areas with heavy sunlight and foot traffic. Check under your deck and near structures like dog houses, playgrounds, and play-houses for black specks that indicate the presence of flea populations. Low-hanging branches and brush can also be eliminated to reduce the risk of flea colonization. If flea problems persist, the use of insecticides and growth regulators can be effective.

Next Steps

The quickest way to eliminate fleas is to bring in the Professionals. Palmetto Exterminators offers a wide range of pest control options to fit your needs, including Quarterly Pest Control to keep your family and home safe from repeat infestations. We also provide special service approaches for targeted protection from fleas. Call 800-585-8019 to inquire about our services or schedule a free pest inspection today!