Quarterly Pest Control

We developed a Quarterly Pest Control program that greatly reduces the need to routinely apply products to the interior of homes, especially when there are no specific interior pest problems.

Once our exterminators complete the initial interior and exterior pest control treatment, our quarterly visits will focus on the exterior, providing first-rate monitoring and the use of innovative products to provide excellent residential pest control.

Our Quarterly Pest Control program helps to control all species of spiders, carpenter ants, fire ants, roaches (excluding German Roaches), rats, mice, silver fish, wasps, millipedes, centipedes, ground beetles, earwigs, pill bugs, and sowbugs.

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Our Palmetto pest control specialist will perform an extensive interior treatment and complete exterior treatment that includes:

  • Removal of all accessible spider webs and wasps nests around your home
  • Crack and crevice treatment around doors, windows, and other entry points into your home
  • Power spray application to exterior walls and to mulch and landscaped areas within 10 feet of all structures
  • Granule insecticide applications applied to the exterior perimeter of your home
  • Inspect and treat for fire ants within 10 feet of all structures

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Even if you aren’t home, Palmetto Exterminators can perform your Quarterly Pest Control service.

With our Quarterly Pest Control program, you can enjoy convenient service with no appointment necessary!  If you choose, you also don’t need to be present at the time of service. You can count on our pest exterminators to treat your home every three months without having to call. We will notify you of your service date via your choice of text message, automated phone call or email. If you would like to have the interior of your home serviced, just let us know!

We also offer the option to add a yard treatment to your quarterly pest control service. If you add a yard treatment to your quarterly service, we will treat your entire yard for all included pests beyond the 10-foot perimeter of your home.

Remember, we guarantee our Quarterly Pest Control service and will provide extra services between treatment dates, if needed, at no additional cost.

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