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Palmetto Exterminators Talk About Love Bugs on News 2

Palmetto Exterminators Talk About Love Bugs on News 2

It looks like Hurricane Dorian brought along more than just flash floods this year. If you’ve noticed an influx of Love Bugs flying around your home and car – you’re not alone as Bert Snyder told News 2,

“This year we just kind of had the perfect storm, if you will, with the hurricane and the wet season beforehand. With all the leaf debris and everything else that was down, heavy amounts of rain created a perfect environment for a population explosion.”

Snyder is an entomologist at Palmetto Exterminators who knows all about how annoying Love Bugs can be. The resident bug expert recently gave News 2 inside information as to why Charleston residents are seeing them all over the lowcountry this time of year.

Believe it or not, these pesky critters actually have a purpose. Love Bugs are vital to their ecosystem by the way they help decompose dead plant material. These pests do not sting, bite, or carry infectious diseases, however they are a nuisance and can severely damage the paint on your car if not removed.

You can spot an increase in Love Bugs twice a year – once in the spring as temperatures rise and once in the fall as degrees begin to drop. However, as Snyder stated, there is definitely an increase in the amount we are seeing this year due to the aftereffects of Hurricane season.

There’s no mystery as to how these insects got their name, as they are usually spotted in pairs during peak season due to the fact that Love Bugs stay attached for 2 days. After 48-hours, the male dies and is dragged around by the female, which explains why you rarely see a Love Bug traveling completely solo.

If you are interested in learning more about Love Bugs, make sure to take a look at Bert Snyder’s interview with News 2 and call the pest control experts Palmetto Exterminators with any other questions.