Preparing for Termite Swarm Season

Termites are known to be nuisances year-round and can severely jeopardize the structure of your home. Termite swarm season begins right around the onset of spring, thus vigilance is integral during this time. While we certainly hope you do not encounter termite swarmers, preparedness is your best method of combat. Check out some of our tips and tricks to keep your home safe: 

Know What to Expect

In order to better prepare for possible termites, you should know what to expect when they begin swarming. Termites start to swarm when they leave their colonies and begin looking for a new home. Swarming termites do not actually cause any damage; they are unable to bite or chew so they can’t tear into wood yet. However, they could be starting a new colony in or right near your home. 

If you see any termite swarmers, call a professional immediately to remove them from your property so it won’t become an issue later on. 

Remove Potential Food Sources

It’s a good idea to check around your home for food sources so you can prevent a termite infestation. Any items made from wood should be stored away from the house, including firewood or construction materials. These are all food sources that will draw termites in. Termites can also use mulch as a source of food, so consider using a substitute product for your yard like rocks or pinestraw.  

Check for Moisture

Termites look for sources of water when choosing a new colony. Moisture around your property can serve as the perfect environment for termites. Be sure to check for excess moisture from gutters or crawl spaces, and make sure nothing is leaking, like a sprinkler system or pipe. Other things to look out for are birdbaths or pooling water. 

Property Check-Up

Heavy, overgrown brush and shrubbery provide cellulose and moisture, two things termites actively seek out when choosing a new colony. Cleaning up overgrown grasses and bushes will help prevent a termite infestation and give you a nice manicured lawn in the process! Don’t forget to trim back tree branches that extend close to your house as well. 

Contact a Professional

Now that springtime is in full swing, the risk for termite swarms is much higher. You’ll want to take preventative measures before things get too serious and can cost you thousands of dollars. For over 58 years, Palmetto Exterminators has provided high-quality service to stop termites from invading your property. Be sure to contact us today if you have any questions about our termite services, or see how you can get a free inspection for your property. 


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