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Rodent Awareness and Prevention

Rodent Awareness and Prevention

National Pest Management Association Rodent Awareness Week 2018

Some people choose to have rodents as pets. While having these intentional furry residents is all well and good, Palmetto Exterminators is committed to getting uninvited rodents out of your home.

The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) has officially designated October 21st – 27th to be Rodent Awareness Week. During this week-long event, the Professional Pest Management Alliance (PPMA), the public outreach portion of the NPMA, will be sharing tips and facts on rodent prevention and control.

To help usher in Rodent Awareness Week, Palmetto Exterminators is spotlighting some of our favorite tips and tricks on avoiding rodent issues:

TIP: Eliminate Potential Rodent Points of Entry
Did you know that rodents can squeeze their bodies through gaps as small as a dime? As a result, it is crucial that your home be free from enticing entryways for these pests. Ensure that your window and door screens are not damaged, and if you have a chimney, consider installing a screen that will keep creatures out. It is also a good idea to inspect the outside of your home, especially in those areas where pipes enter the walls. Over time, cracks may appear that are just large enough for a mouse or other rodent to scurry its way into your home! Should you find any cracks or holes leading into your space, seal them up with caulk.

TIP: Make your Home Less Enticing to RodentsRodent Prevention in Charlotte and Myrtle Beach from Palmetto Exterminators
Sealing entry points is also a necessary part of the rodent prevention process, but you also want to make sure that you are not attracting the animals to your home. Mice and other rodents like dark, damp areas, so try to eliminate areas of excess moisture where you can. Have a leaky pipe or a rain gutter close to your house? Repair the pipe and direct the flow of water away from your home to discourage rodents from breeding in the area. Also remember your attic and basement areas; you may not check these places frequently, but it is important to monitor for leaks that could be creating damp spots. Additionally, make sure that you keep opened food items in airtight containers and that you empty the garbage regularly.

TIP: Inspection is Key
Like many things, pest control is usually a simpler process if you catch the problem early. This starts with what you bring into your home. When you unload boxes or bags of groceries, take a moment to check that you have not brought an unwanted guest along for the ride. Periodically, look around your car and home for gnawed wires and other evidence of rodent presence, such as droppings or nests.

If you suspect that you have a pest issue (or if you are certain), it is a good idea to call in a reliable exterminator to take care of the pest control issue. Contact Palmetto Exterminators for a free inspection or reach out to us directly for additional information!