Most Common Summer Bugs

Summer is fast approaching, and with summer comes a variety of pesky bugs. Here is a guide from our professional exterminators on the ten most common summer bugs, the potential frustrations they bring with them, and how you can prevent or treat them.

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Mayflies: Friend or Foe?

Beautiful summer months in the South are accompanied by waves of humidity and new insects. One of these insects is mayflies. Mayflies are delicate winged insects that have captivated observers for ages.

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How to Prepare for Termite Swarming Season

Warm weather and April showers don’t just bring May flowers. Sadly, spring season also means the beginning of the termite swarmer season. What exactly are these infamous pests? Termite swarmers are flying insects that travel and live in very large colonies, and a colony can include up to hundreds of thousands of termite swarmers.

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