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How to Protect Yourself From Mosquitoes This Summer

How to Protect Yourself From Mosquitoes This Summer

South Carolina is no stranger to mosquitoes. While they are most widely known for their bothersome bites that result in itching, swelling and redness, the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control warns that there are more than 61 species of mosquitoes in the state which may carry a myriad of diseases including West Nile Virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, La Crosse Encephalitis, St. Louis Encephalitis and more. To defend yourself and your family not only from the everyday annoyance of mosquitoes, but also from serious illness, use our tips to for your mosquito control this summer.

At-Home Mosquito Prevention and Mosquito Treatments

There are a few prevention strategies you can have in place to be sure that mosquitoes do not end up in your home. Here are a few tried and true methods:

Replace or Repair Damaged Doors or Windows

Mosquitoes can easily make their way into your home through damaged doors and windows. Make certain that doors and windows are totally sealed shut when closed. If you notice damage to a door or window or see that it is not functioning properly, make immediate plans to find and install replacements.

Utilize Window and Door Screens

Window and door screens provide an extra layer of protection from mosquitoes. Window and door screens will also allow you to enjoy the warm summer weather and let fresh air into your home without the worry of mosquitoes or other bugs making their way in.

Ensure Doors Remain Closed

In the warmer months, it is common for family members to frequently enter and exit the home. As people move through doorways, be mindful that doors close all the way and try to keep them closed as often as possible.

Use Air Conditioning When Possible

Mosquitoes are attracted to warm, humid areas. If your home is warm and muggy, mosquitoes will certainly find their way in. We know it can be expensive to continually run your air conditioner throughout the summer months, so we recommend keeping it only low enough to remain at a comfortable temperature.

If you still have concerns about air conditioning costs, we recommend investing in a few fans to keep the air cool and circulating.

Clean or Throw Out Any Items that Hold Water

While mosquitoes are prone to migrating toward warm, humid areas, they are also highly attracted to water. Don’t leave anything that holds water lying around whether that be inside your home, such as dishes in the sink or buckets outside of your home.

Carefully Use an Indoor Insecticide

If you do find that you are having an issue with mosquitoes indoors, you might consider using a safe, indoor insecticide. An indoor insect spray will effectively kill mosquitoes and treat affected areas. Be sure it is pet-friendly if you have pets in the home and always follow label instructions. 

For Outdoor Mosquito Prevention and Mosquito Treatments:

Here are a few prevention strategies you can use to prevent and treat mosquitoes outdoors:

Wear Mosquito Repellent

If you will be spending time outdoors in the summer months, it would be smart to find a mosquito repellent that works for you. One common mosquito repellent is Deet. If you prefer more natural options, try using lavender or eucalyptus oil.

Utilize Citronella Plants or Products

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, oil of Citronella is a plant compound that repels insects and animals without harming them. You can plant Citronella around common areas outside of the home or purchase products, such as candles, that contain Citronella oil to repel mosquitoes.

Be Mindful of Items that Hold Water

As discussed previously, you do not want containers holding water outside of the home. Still water easily becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Be sure to regularly dump out, rinse and clean any containers that hold water outside of the home.

Professional Mosquito Prevention and Mosquito Treatments

While there are many ways to prevent and treat mosquito issues at home, larger concerns may call for professional help.

When to Call for Professional Help

Mosquito problems are not just a bother. They can become a serious health concern due to the nature of the diseases that they carry. So, when should you reach out for professional help from a qualified mosquito exterminator?

When At-Home Methods Have Failed

If you have tried to rid your home of the infestation and methods have failed, you should get in contact with professional services.

When There is A Substantial Infestation

If you have noticed a sizable amount of mosquitoes at your home, it may be time to call for help.

When Disease Transmission Risk is High

As discussed earlier, mosquitoes can carry a variety or serious diseases. If these diseases have become more prevalent in your area, you should call an exterminator, as this could pose a serious risk to your family and the public.

Don’t Let Mosquitoes Put A Damper on Your Summer

Between our barrier treatments, misting systems, neighborhood mosquito control and more, we have to tools and services to keep you and your family protected from mosquitoes. Don’t give mosquitoes the opportunity to hijack your summer. If you have tried at home treatments to no avail, contact our mosquito control professionals today to ensure your summer is mosquito-free.