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Spring Pest Management Tips and Tricks

Spring Pest Management Tips and Tricks


Spring is finally here, which means warm weather, flowers in bloom, and unfortunately, a resurgence of pests that have been dormant all winter. Ensure you're not spending these next few months worrying about pests when you could be enjoying the outdoor weather. Here are a few of our tips and tricks to keep pests away this spring:

Integrated Pest Management: Spring Cleaning for Pests

Know the Pests You're Dealing With

The first step to getting rid of pests is to know what you are dealing with. Although some bugs can be found year-round, there are quite a few pests that become more active during the spring. Termites, for example, begin swarming as the weather warms up, and rats begin their mating season. Other pests to look out for during the warmer weather can include cockroaches, ants, and mosquitoes. We encourage you to explore our pest library in full if you are trying to identify a particular pest. After all, proper pest identification leads to better pest management.

Spring Cleaning

It's no wonder spring cleaning has always been such a big deal! Extra clutter and dirt around the house from the winter months provide shelter for unwanted pests. Take a day to sort through those boxes in the attic to more effectively keep rodents and bugs out. Remove unnecessary items so they don't have a place to seek shelter.

Monitor Moisture Levels

Spring weather typically brings more moisture, whether it be from melted snow or excessive rain showers. Pests are known to be drawn to damp areas, so it's important to be cognizant of the water levels around your property. Pool covers or tires, for example, can hold water and it only takes a small amount to cause a big issue. Don't forget to also check birdbaths, gutters, or crawl spaces for water collection.

Inspect Entryways to Your Home

Another tip to keep pests out is to check on any entry points to your home and make sure there are no cracks or crevices. Areas where utilities enter the house, like an HVAC unit or plumbing, are very susceptible to bug intrusion. Seal any gaps that you find and take note of weathered-down areas as well, which could cause future problems.

Monitor Food Disposal

Just like humans, pests also need food, water, and shelter to survive. Don't make it easy for them by leaving behind food waste. Keep the kitchen tidy by sweeping up after cooking and wiping down countertops. Rats can survive off of small crumbs and even just the tiniest drops of water. Don't forget about the garbage on the outside of your home as well, which can attract bugs. Be sure it is properly sealed up and not overflowing.

Contact the Best Pest Control Professionals

If you've tried just about everything and pests are still invading your home, the best solution is to let the professionals handle it. At Palmetto Exterminators, we tackle all kinds of pest problems across the Southeast. We work hard to ensure your property will be pest-free by the time we're done, and we will come back at any time if, for some reason, it is not.

For more information, contact Palmetto Exterminators today or check out all the different pest control services we offer.