Between prevention and damage, Americans spend more money on termites then any other wood destroying organism. Given the economic impact of the species, it is important to know what you are controlling, and why termites can be a good thing for the ecosystem.

Although termites are a detriment to your home, in nature termites provide several beneficial balances. Termites break down cellulose in dead tree stumps and limbs found underground which provides for a more nutrient rich soil, as well as aerating the ground for future plants and trees to grow. Termites consume cellulose, a resource found in wood. For this reason, it is vital to keep termites away from your most expensive investment, your home.

Termite Protection and Service Agreements

Don’t take the risk. Protect your biggest investment against termites…

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New Construction Termite Treatments

Building or buying a newly constructed home? Make sure it’s covered by us.

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Real Estate Inspections

Buying or selling a home? Make an informed purchase with our detailed inspections.

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Wonderful family owned company with excellent technicians and staff. Daryl B. is my favorite tech. He is always prompt and professional!

Aimee H. - Greenville, SC

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