Bert the Bug Man on ABC News 4 Lowcounty Live

Bert the Bug Man talks mosquito control. In conjunction with the Daniel Island Home Show, ABC News 4’s Lowcountry Live hosted its local talk show at the Family Circle Stadium on Daniel Island, SC. Lucky to finally have perfect spring weather, the talk show and the home show enjoyed a mosquito and gnat free event […]

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Termite Swarm Season in the Lowcountry

Swarm season is quickly approaching in the Lowcountry. Are you prepared? Subterranean termite swarms occur every spring as a natural part of the termite life cycle.  Eastern Subterranean Termites swarm in late March through early May and the Formosan Subterranean Termites swarm in late May through June. Locals consider termite swarms part of the “charm” […]

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Greenville Palmetto Exterminators sees swarmers

It is just starting to feel like spring in the south, which means bugs are a movin’.   During Termite Awareness Week we warned that swarm season was approaching. Well, Palmetto Exterminators Greenville SC saw their first case of swarmers last night.

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Hidden Termite Infestation

Bert the Bug Man, Palmetto Exterminators’ Graduate Entomologist, was recently called to a house in Summerville SC.  Suspicious rippling and bubbling had popped up on the wall along a window frame. Bert discovers a hidden Formosan Termite Infestation and carton nest with his Infrared camera.  The infested area appeared as a hot spot on the […]

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Charleston office is amazing! They have been providing high quality pest control services for our home for 13 years. Wouldn't consider any other company!

Julie - Charleston, SC

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