What is an Albino Roach?

The picture you see is not that of a white roach, rather it is a cockroach that has recently molted, the shedding of its exoskeleton, which makes the albino roach. Cockroaches undergo an incomplete metamorphosis, and therefore need to shed their protective exoskeletons in order to grow and mature.  Each time this exoskeleton is shed, the […]

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Mosquito Borne Diseases – Palmetto Exterminators

Over the next few months the Carolinas and Georgia will crawl out of the cold winter and welcome in both warmer weather and mosquitoes.  While mosquitoes can be pesky and painful, the real danger arises with mosquito born diseases. The newest dangerous mosquito borne disease to be on the lookout for is Chikungunya.  In December […]

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Excessive rain brought in hordes of roaches...uh, palmetto bugs. After treatment, said hordes are graciously dying. Tech told me they would return for a booster treatment if necessary. Staff very responsive.

Charlie - Hollywood, SC

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