On Your Mark, Get Set, Mosquito

Although mosquitoes are no laughing matter, mosquito season begins next Wednesday, April 1st, for Palmetto Exterminators and Palmetto Mosquito Control.  In an effort to make your outdoors more livable, below are some helpful tips to reduce the amount of mosquitoes harborage areas, or breeding grounds around your home. The two main mosquitoes you are looking […]

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Why to Avoid Wood to Ground Contact- Palmetto Exterminators

Many of our current and potential customers have inquired as to why wood to ground contact photographs and comments accompany the inspection process.  During a routine annual termite inspection of a home that is currently under warranty with Palmetto Exterminators, one of our Greenville technicians, Zach, discovered some wood to ground contact in the crawlspace. […]

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5 Things You Should Be Doing To Prevent Termites in Your Home

1. Stack Firewood, Lumber and Other Cellulose Products Away From Your Home Keeping your woodpile stacked up against your house for easy access in the winter is convenient, but not only can it provide a great source of food for termites, it can also give them a safe passage into your home avoiding any termite […]

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Winged Ant or Termite Swarmer?

Spring is the air! Not only is Spring in the air, but so are many of the insects that usher in the new season.  One of the first signs that the insect world is coming to life are termite swarmers.  Within the next few days to the next few weeks, depending upon the part of […]

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Eric is a very respectable young man and you are extremely lucky to have him. I would love for him to inspect all of my properties from now on.

Carolyn - Mount Pleasant, SC

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